10 Completely Forgotten Old-Fashioned Wrestling Jacks Fans

A manager has several jobs in the professional wrestling business – to entertain, to pass arms, and to promote your client. Jacks have to do all of this while being sultry and seductive, and acting like they’re the damsel in distress too. This is all just to lure babyfaces before they swing a loaded purse or high heel at their guy’s opponent. Jacks have a lot more agency now, but things were different back then.

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When the ladies in the squared circle were few and far between, they instantly attracted attention as they were (mostly) the only female performer in the ring. While the mid-90s and Attitude Era opened up the numbers of women, in the earlier era they were still a force not to be played around with.

ten Miss Linda

Cropped Adrian Street and Miss Linda

Several years ago, The WWE Network released a unique look at one of the forefathers of androgyny in the ring – Exotic Adrian Street. The fighting Briton was a forerunner of a superstar like Goldust who had no problem using sensual and suggestive moves to disgust and frighten his opponents.

While Goldust had its manager, Marlena, Street had Miss Linda, who has the distinction of being one of the first valets in history.

9 Lady Flower

Cropped Lady Blossom

Looking at Jeannie Clark, you’d immediately know why Bruce Prichard explains in his best impression of Dusty Rhodes that she was called Lady Blossom because she was “blothhomin’ out of her top.” Clark was a former model who found her footing in the wrestling world and was trained by Chris Adams before the two started dating.

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They had worked together on a set themselves when Clark left Adams for his “Stunning” trainee Steve Austin. Perhaps his greatest fame is that Clark is actually the one who coined the nickname “Stone Cold” as well.


8 dark journey

Dark Journey and the Missing Link

Getting heat in the early eighties was very easy in the deep south, where certain racial prejudices still made some fans’ blood boil, and that’s what happened when Dirty Dick Slater introduced his new valet, the biracial and lively Dark Journey. After leading both Slater and the Missing Link in South Central, she headed for Crockett.

Like many lovely ladies of the day, if you were in Crockett you hung out with a date or two and Dark Journey worked as Tully Blanchard’s manager before retiring in 1987.

seven madusa

Madusa and the Superb Steve

While most fans remember Madusa for her runs in WWE and WCW as a wrestler, the formidable woman was also a great manager during her old school days. She teamed up with Paul E. Dangerously to help run WCW’s high heel faction. After the Dangerous Alliance disbanded, Paul E. foolishly thought he no longer needed her services and fired her.

She would defeat him in an intergender match during clash of champions 21.

6 Sunshine

Sun And Jimmy Garvin Cropped

When your cousin grew up in the last house on the right in a town called Badstreet, you might also want to get into the business. That’s what happened when Sunshine joined his real cousin and future Freebird Gorgeous Jimmy Jam Garvin as a valet.

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In World Class, Garvin was a world class heel hiding behind a woman whenever he baited babyfaces like the Von Erichs. She followed Jimmy Garvin in several promotions, before bringing in his real wife Precious to replace her.

5 Precious

Precious and the Cropped Garvins

Originally brought in to be a valet for the valet, Sunshine, it wasn’t long before Precious became the sole valet for Jimmy Garvin. They, too, crossed territories and even feuded with Precious and her new client, Chris Adams before moving on.

If you look closely enough at Peacock, particularly the old Legends round tables, you can find old images of Jimmy, Precious and Sunshine all hanging out by the pool.

4 Women

Ric Flair and cropped wife

With a face that could draw you in or cut you like a knife, the woman endured few fools. Maybe except Rick Steiner, whom she lured in before turning on him and unleashing Doom (Ron Simmons and Butch Reed) on The Steiner Brothers.

She was also able to mystify the masses as The Fallen Angel alongside Kevin Sullivan and as the main Horseman valet, along with Miss Elizabeth and Debra as well.

3 Miss Alexandra York

Cropped Alexandra York

Looking at the gimmick in 2022, it might seem a little hokey, but Alexandra York and her stable, The York Foundation, were ahead of their time. Long before she became better known as Marlena, Terri Runnels pulled her hair up into an electric bun, dressed in tight business suits and dragged a computer around the ring. She was able to statistically figure out how to defeat her opponents.

With that kind of power, former babyfaces – Tommy (Thomas) Rich, Ricky (Richard) Morton and Terry (Terrance) Taylor all joined.

2 Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt 2 cropped

Prior to Sunny and Sable’s arrival in WWE, Missy Hyatt could be considered the very first Diva in that sense. She came to wrestling looking like an old school music video vixen on the arm of Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert and formed Hot Stuff International.

Under her tutelage, Missy led several big names to minimal success. She managed the likes of The Steiners and The Nasty Boys before heading to ECW to handle the Sandman.

1 Fifi the maid

Ric Flair and Cropped Fifi

Whether it was supposed to be or not is debatable, but when Ric Flair returned to WCW, it didn’t take long for him to have his own talk show, A flair for gold.

Beside her was not only Double A, but her maid, Fifi. Although she was not the traditional valet, years later the two reconnected and Fifi (Wendy) became Naitch’s true valet.

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