10 reasons we love the Indian Scout Bobber

Former riders and bicycle makers, George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom teamed up to produce their first motorcycle under the Indian Motocycle Company already formed in 1901. Incredibly, by 1902 the company was already producing and selling chain drive motorcycles to the public. and sleek style. . Quickly, over the next decade, Indian had grown into one of the largest motorcycle companies in the world. She recorded great feats in motorsport, and the company also won several military contracts during the war.

Unfortunately, the war and the recession later led to the closure of the company. However, it has since been resurrected as the Indian Motorcycle. And as a modern take on the iconic bobber style, the company released the Scout Bobber. A breathtaking motorcycle, the Scout Bobber is one of the models that has kept Indian in fierce competition with the best motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Focusing on the 2021 model, here are some of the attributes that left us in awe of the Indian Scout Bobber.

ten Powerful motor

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The engine is the heart of performance in all automobiles, and the Indian Scout Bobber has one of the most efficient versions ever made. A liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-twin, the Indian Scout Bobber’s engine has a bore of 99mm and stroke of 73.6mm.

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However, the engine’s finest attribute has to be its untamed 100 horsepower, which helps propel the Scout Bobber to speeds that leave its peers behind.

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9 Incredible braking power

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The Indian Scout Bobber comes equipped with a liquid-cooled 1,133cc V-Twin engine that delivers raw, punchy acceleration, and as such, it had to be complemented by an equally excellent stopping device.

Bobber scout
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Something like an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which is a non-slip safety brake mechanism used in automobiles. And that’s another reason to love the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber because ABS is available in all of its color options.

8 Position

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In motorcycle parlance, stance is the posture adopted by a motorcycle. While it may sound trite, position is actually a major factor in how attractive a motorcycle is. That said, the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is built with a slammed stance.

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It has a low profile thanks to a lowered rear suspension, complemented by a strategic ankle position and drag-style handlebars. The slammed position gives the Scout Bobber a unique look different from other Indian Scout models.

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seven Gothic aura

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The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber has a unique demeanor. Knowing the importance of attitude in designing a motorcycle’s exterior shape, as well as choosing the right topcoats, Indian made sure to give the Scout Bobber a unique demeanor, through an appearance. gothic theme.

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This unique finish can be seen on the Scout Bobber through its widely and completely blackened premium paint finishes seen from side of the fender to the other.

6 Bobber Style

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There are several types of motorcycle models in the Indian lineup, and each of them has a unique style that sets it apart from the herd. When prospecting, these unique styles often influence motorcycle enthusiasts in their choice of model.

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Like its predecessors, the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is so captivating for its iconic Bobber styling which includes bobbed fenders, off-road tires and unique mirrors at the end of the handlebars, all combined for a streamlined exterior look.

5 Exciting color options

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Having a variety of options often helps customers get a broader view of a product, thereby ensuring a more satisfying sale or product choice. For motorcycles, these options can be performance or comfort oriented, or just aesthetics. Color options are among the aesthetic choices available to owners of the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber.

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They include Thunder Black, Thunder Black Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke, Indy Red, and Thunder Black Azure Crystal. You can’t help but love the Scout Bobber for these amazing color options.

4 Ergonomically comfortable

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No one wants to get off a motorcycle after a long trip with excruciating body pain. To mitigate such a result, Indian Scout Bobber 2021 is designed with an emphasis on the comfort of the rider, regardless of the length of the trip.

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Therefore, the bike is fitted with a low seat entirely made of genuine leather in the bobber style, which offers an aggressive riding position. With a claimed height of 25.6 inches, the two-tone leather seat offers great comfort and an excellent ergonomic riding position.

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3 Amazing features

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The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber has several awesome features that will make most gearboxes love it. One of them is its built-in USB port for charging mobile devices on the go and an electronic fuel injection system.

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Additionally, the Scout Bobber has a well-placed analog speedometer to keep an eye on speed, while other gauges in the group have a digital interface. Some of the digital gauges are tachometer, trip odometer, odometer, low fuel warning light, and engine temperature gauge.

2 Customization

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There are several ways to customize a motorcycle. This includes a change of seats, custom lighting, custom tailpipes, a windshield, and more. While there are several aftermarket parts stores that perform these upgrades, Indian has nonetheless provided a wide range of custom parts to meet the various desires of its customers.

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Therefore, the company has made several OEM parts available for the Indian Scout Bobber 2021, and they include the Scout Pathfinder LED headlight, solo luggage rack, genuine leather tank pouch, passenger seat with backrests and many more.

1 Relatively affordable

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Setting the right price for a product often takes a lot of research, and when done right, it can lead to an avalanche of sales. Often it’s about finding the right price that keeps the product relatively affordable for customers, while still providing a good profit margin.

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The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is quite affordable compared to everything it has to offer. According to Indian, the Scout Bobber starts at $ 10,999 for the non-ABS version, but it could go up to $ 12,899 or $ 13,999 depending on color or packaging.


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