1962 Harley-Davidson Sportster Drag Bike comes out of storage to run again



When the Harley-Davidson Sportster was introduced in 1957, it became the bike of choice for many drag racers. These bikes were generally stretched for better weight distribution, but the Ironhead engines remained in place, at least until the larger Shovelhead unit debuted in 1966.
Like many vintage racing bikes, the prepared Troll Sportsters have been picked up from museums and private collections, but some of them occasionally take to the drag track to work their muscles. This 1962 Sportster is a little different, however. After years of storage it got a new engine and it’s ready to come out of retirement.

Equipped with a twin-cylinder fuel tank and vintage wheels, this Sportster ditched its stock engine for a 1969 90 degree Ironhead. There is no information on its horsepower, but this bike is a nice one. vue even if it is not yet ready to operate at full capacity.

Drag racer Al Balice bought the bike in 2019 and spent a few years getting it ready for the drag track. The Harley had a good few years in storage before that, and this practice session at Byron Dragway is its first outing in a very long time.

The footage shows an easy pass that sees the Sportster cover the quarter mile in 13.76 seconds at 99.74 mph (160.51 km / h). It’s not the most spectacular sprint ever, but it’s always nice to see an old bike find its way back onto the drag track.

Even better news comes from the fact that we’ll be seeing this Sportster running at full throttle very soon. Al plans to race it at Byron Dragway Glory Days, an event dedicated to vintage and nostalgic drag cars and motorcycles.

While not quite as fast as a Top Fuel bike, which needs 6 seconds or less to go the quarter mile, this lagging-prepared Sportster should easily pull off 12-second passes.


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