2015 Star Bolt Revealed, Shows What Old School Excellence Means


Star Motorcycles, Yamaha’s cruiser division, announces the 2015 Bolt, the second generation of a bike that has inspired both riders and bike modders, and helped start the ready-to-customize movement that Iconic machines such as the BMW R nineT also belong.

When introduced last year, the Star XV950 Bolt became an instant hit, as it literally changed the rules of the game it was meant to follow. In fact, the Bolt was one of the first new motorcycles recently released to boast a simple penchant for customization work. Billed as a ‘we built it, you make it your own bike’ bike, the Bolt was designed from the ground up to be a great customization platform, with both bolt-on parts and hack & saw action. .

Stripped of chrome and bling, the 2015 Bolt epitomizes the urban performance bobber, with a compact frame and uncompromising fit. The 2015 version keeps the 27.2-inch (69 cm) low seat in the middle of the double-cradle frame, while the short wheelbase provides excellent handling in heavy traffic. 41mm forks, dual rear shocks, new wave rotors for the front and rear and the same hassle-free belt drive mated to the 5-speed drivetrain come standard.

The 2015 Bolt comes with a 942cc air-cooled engine with a penthouse chamber, roller rocker arms, and a 4-valve design. Forged pistons and a lighter cylinder head design help maintain low mass, while upper spool fuel injection delivers crisp, precise acceleration. The Bolt receives a new dashboard with better visibility in the sun, and new black mirrors for an even more sober look.

Tipping the scales at 540 lbs (244 kg) wet and ready to go, the 215 Bolt packs 3.2 gallons (12.1 liters) of fuel, and if the 47 mpg (5 L / 100 km) is true, then you will have to make refueling stops quite often if you cross the state line. Still, with a price tag of $ 7,990 (€ 5,850), there’s so much fun about the 2015 Bolt to make even pit stops enjoyable. The bike will be available in July 2014, in Glacier Blue or Candy Red.

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