2022 Lapierre Prorace CF XC lightweight carbon hardtail loses 225g

Posted on September 21, 2022 by Cory Benson

Lapierre’s all-new Prorace CF carbon hardtail promises to combine stiffness, pedaling efficiency and race-ready lightness with the comfort you’d typically expect from a bike with rear suspension. Using the same 3D tubular seat cluster that has been on their road bikes for years, the new Prorace separates the XC bike’s seat tube from the seatstays to isolate the rider from rear wheel impacts.

Hardtail performance, but with the “the spirit of a softail“.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail

vs. Lapierre, photo walk by Ugo Richard

Lapierre’s latest generation of Prorace XC mountain bikes already promised to blend the speed of the carbon hardtail with the comfort of the softail, but relied on a SAT elastomer. But now, thanks to improved carbon and a more technical flex that has been interestingly adapted from their Pro Tour road race bikes, the new Prorace is up to 225g lighter while still adapting to an evolution of more technical cross-country riding and racing.

What’s New – Technical Details

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, displacement

The new carbon bike is first and foremost lighter, but its new 3D tubular concept for the rear has also allowed for tuned vertical flex so riders can push harder over rougher terrain with more traction and much more comfort. . It’s totally the same concept on Lapierre’s Xelius & Aircode since 2015 –”separate the stays from the seat tube to improve their flexibility over a greater length and disperse vibrations and other shocks via the top tube instead of directly towards the seat tube“.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, 3D tubular flex

This perhaps makes even more sense on a lightweight XC hardtail these days, dropping the heavier and more complicated SAT elastomer of the previous Prorace, thanks to the benefits of better carbon and better layup – but keeping the 27.2 mm seat post.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, angled detail

A new blend of premium UD SLI (Super Light Innovation) raw materials and a refined 300+ piece carbon layer on new polypropylene mandrels have increased the Prorace’s stiffness to weight ratio. At the same time, they have allowed Lapierre to lose weight, provide more comfort to the rider and increase the responsiveness of the new XC frame.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, frame detail

The Prorace actually gets two different carbon layups – only the top model gets the lightest 845g UD SLI team layup, while the remaining four bikes get a 970g UD SLI layup (gross M-size frames, claimed). But even the most basic level is “now the highest level in the Lapierre carbon range”.

Updated XCO geometry

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, riding

Lapierre gives the new 29er Prorace a complete geometry overhaul, geared more towards modern technical XCO racing, and scaled down to four stock frame sizes (S-XL).

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, geometry

New configuration features approximately 2cm longer reach, 5-10mm lower stack, 1.5° slacker head angle, 1° steeper seat angles and shorter chainstays 8mm. With a 68° head tube, 74° seat tube and 420mm chainstays… the new Prorace doesn’t exaggerate, but rather sticks to a modern XC racing focus.

Lapierre Prorace CF – Prices & options

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, layer 9.9 UD SLI Team

2022 Lapierre Prorace CF 9.9

The new Lapierre Prorace CF is offered in five complete bike versions – all equipped with stiff posts, but compatible with droppers. Only the €6500 Lapierre Prorace CF 9.9 gets the lightest UD SLI Team carbon frame, combined with a SRAM X01 Eagle AXS wireless drivetrain, RockShox SID SL Ultimate 100mm fork and Lapierre carbon wheels.

The remaining four bikes all share the UD SLI layer, in an otherwise identical frame in appearance.

Lapierre Prorace Lightweight Carbon XC Hardtail, 5.9

2022 Lapierre Prorace CF 5.9

The Lapierre Prorace CF 5.9 is about 1/3 the price of the high-end bike at €2300, with SRAM SX Eagle construction, Level brakes, SR Suntour Raidon fork and tubeless-ready alloy rims.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtails

2022 Lapierre Prorace CF 6.9, 7.9 & 8.9

At €2900, the Prorace CF 6.9 upgrades to a SRAM NX/SX Eagle mix, Level T brakes and a RockShox SID Select fork. The 7.9 at 3600€ receives a SRAM Xo1/GX Eagle mechanical mix, Level TL brakes, a Fox 32SC Performance fork & DT X1900 alloy rims. And the €4600 Prorace CF 8.9 upgrades to full Shimano XT, a Fox 32 SC Factory fork and the same Lapierre carbon wheels as the 9.9.

Lapierre Prorace lightweight carbon XC hardtail, photo by Ugo-Richard


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