A Harley-Davidson Sportster Builder’s Dream


Many of us often dream of quitting our boring office work and setting off on two wheels to pursue a hidden desire buried deep in our souls. Some seek the exploration of two-wheeled travel, while others do some inner soul-searching and think about what they really want to do in life. Efraon Triana Lopez is one such person. At 38, after starting his own graphic design company in Spain, he decided to quit everything and reinvent himself and reinvent himself for a living.

He didn’t know where he was going to go, but he knew he still wanted to express his creativity. Expressing them via motorcycles seemed appropriate then, what better symbol of freedom is there? This set Lopez on the path to building custom motorcycles from his store, UFO Garage, but while building customer motorcycles was one thing, Lopez wanted to create his perfect motorcycle: the 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster.

Except Lopez’s vision was to mix the old with the new, because as much as 60-year-old motorcycles evoke thoughts of nostalgia, there’s no denying that modern technology is much more superior. As such, Lopez set out to recreate the exact silhouette and image of a Sportster 57 while underpinning it with a modern take on it. Lopez’s story is fascinating and the product of his craftsmanship is a beauty. Check out its story in the video below, and if you don’t speak Spanish, be sure to click the subtitles button for the subtitles. You can also see more photos of the bike, build and builder, on Petroleum.

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