At $ 6,900, could that custom 1988 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster be your cup of coffee?



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When you think of Café Racer, you probably don’t imagine Harley Davidson, as this brand’s big thumpers really don’t lend themselves to form. today Good price or crack pipe Custom Sportster can simply change this image. Let’s see if it was also priced to quickly change hands.

By the pound, yesterday’s 2003 Ford Limited Excursion 7.3 was probably always going to be a good deal. At over three and three-quarters tons, its asking price of $ 8,000 was about $ 1.05 a pound, which makes this big Ford as cheap as chicken wings – if you bought chicken wings. for an excursion.

On our scale, that didn’t hurt either, scoring a solid 58% victory at Nice Price despite the downsides of being only two-wheel drive and having those two wheels covering over 300,000 miles.

Maybe this excursion was too big for your liking. Maybe it was a little too heavy, making you want something lighter and more maneuverable. Maybe something like this 1988 Harley Davidson Sportster Cafe Custom Bike.

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Now, these days, Harley Davidson is in a financially deep yogurt. The Yuppies aren’t buying the company’s cruisers like they once did, and a global pandemic isn’t helping matters either. How bad has it been for Harley lately? Well, just yesterday the company was kicked out of the S&P 500. I know it sounds like a bean company sponsored race, but it’s actually a financial index meant to show how big companies are doing financially. Harley is too limit its production to only their most profitable models in the most salable colors.

All of this means that if you are anxiously waiting for Harley to come out with a spiritual successor to the XLCR or some other Café-style Sportster, you’re going to have a lot of free time. Maybe go play Hungry, Hungry, Hippos.

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This custom bike could fill that gnawing hole in your Harley-loving heart as well as a place in your aisle-slash-living room with its instant gratification.

Let’s take a look at this.

The base bike here is a 1200 Sportster. This provides the 1,198cc sub-square V-twin and four-speed gearbox, as well as the frame that was cut off at the rear. The bike was also stripped of the front and rear fenders and sports a custom seat tray and tuck and roll saddle. Up front, the bike gets a set of snap-on bars and Harley mirrors, and these are tucked away behind a mini-faiLED ring and headlamp.

A Ducati multifunction lamp unit under the tailpiece performs both brake light and turn signal functions, providing a uncluttered back view. Strangely enough, the footrests seem to be within their norm, forward position. This could make the riding position less than comfortable with the clips, with the risk that leaning in this way could also make your butt hiss in the wind when riding with a good clip.

The ad calls for Lamborghini orange paint and this is accentuated by black trim and the Harley Davidson branding. For the rollers, the bike gets a standard 19-inch spoke front, while the rear sports a sleek mooneye cover. The brakes are single discs front and rear.

The ad claims that everything “works and sounds great for a bike over 30 years old.” and warns any potential buyer that they will need to adopt a celebrity lifestyle, saying, “If you don’t like the attention this isn’t the bike for you, you’ll get your thumbs wherever you go.” Truly unique and a great bar robot. ”

Image from article titled At $ 6,900, Could This Custom 1988 Harley Davidson 1200 Sportster Be Your Cup of Coffee?

In contrast, there doesn’t appear to be any instrumentation on the bike, so things like engine and road speed will have to be determined viscerally rather than by gauges. Unless you’re some sort of math genius that will probably take some time to refine. Another problem can be the wrapped pipes which appear to be of the “wake up the neighbors” type. Of course, you might not like your neighbors very much – stupid HOA Nazis – which makes it an advantage.

The bike has a title of its own and carries an asking price of $ 6,900. Now you have to decide if that makes this custom Sportster a good deal or if you say you know her ‘Harley’.

You decide!

Long Island, New York State Craigslist, where to go here if the ad disappears.

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