Bike Check: Sam Pilgrim’s Haibike Hardtail – Nines 2019



There isn’t a bike designed specifically for Audi Nines tracks, but every rider has a setup that works for them that wouldn’t work for anyone else, and the perfect example is probably the Haibike DRT jump bike from Sam Pilgrim.
This is a Haibike DRT. This bike isn’t even available, they just made a few so I have the only one in this bright green that matches the Magura Raceline MT7 brakes which are also in team edition only. I have Tag Metals bars here, this is the only set of these bars in the world, a height of 3 “, the whole setup of this bike is ridiculous and a normal mountain biker would suffer badly if he were to ride on it .Sam Pilgrim

quotation marks I have 2 “. 2. well whatever, 2.0 tires, most people wonder why I have them, I like that, 80 psi fast rolling and the closest tire to the seat tube I can get get, which makes it smaller for the bunny hop tailwhips on the street, i have carbon cranks that don’t engage somehow, don’t care about the brand, don’t care don’t care who makes them, BUT they are carbon and they make my bike light.

I have Pilgrips available now in my own merchandise store, the cheapest grips on the market and actually the best, most affordable and comfortable grip you can get as a mountain biker. I have a pair of forks on the front that I sprayed myself with a Halfords spray can no matter what brand they are. I have Halo Chaos wheels, the strongest wheels you can buy, although they lack spokes they still perform great.

Sam Pilgrim

Magura Raceline MT7 brakes and Pivotal saddle.

quotation marks I have a Pivotal seat in there that’s pretty BMX-y and a half link chain to finish it like a BMXer, and if any of you geeks on Pinkbike noticed, half my pedal is missing, which someone will definitely comment on, and there will probably be a comment: “Where’s your electric bike?” Well, it’s actually the back of my motorhome that’s charging. Umm, that’s it, that’s my great jump bike, take it. “* Micro drop *Sam Pilgrim


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