Classic Yezdi motorcycle modified to bobber motorcycle

The Yezdi motorcycle was a very popular name in the mid-90s. The motorcycle is still very dear to the hearts of many bikers. Even today, there are several examples of well-maintained Yezdi motorcycles in India. Many of them have already been featured on our website. Classic Legends, owned by Mahindra, bought Yezdi and will bring him back to the market. The all new Yezdi motorcycle has been tested several times and is expected to hit the market soon. Many owners of the old Yezdi motorcycle have now started modifying it and here we have a beautifully modified Yezdi motorcycle.

The video was shared by Rathor Engines on their Youtube channel. It looks like one of their recent projects. In this video, the vlogger gives a quick overview of the bike. Since this is a walkthrough video, it doesn’t mention or say anything about the changes. Here in this article we will talk about any changes or modifications that we might manage to see in the video.

Starting from the front, the motorcycle receives a new set of wheels. The spoked wheels are wrapped in thick tires. Vlogger turned a regular Yezdi motorcycle into a bobber. The original motorcycle front forks have been replaced with another unit. The front and rear are also equipped with disc brakes. The bike also receives custom mudguards at the front and rear.

As we go along, the motorcycle’s original headlight unit has been replaced with a smaller aftermarket unit. There is a single remote box analog instrument cluster and there are also clips on the handlebars. Mirrors are placed under the handlebars.

The fuel tank of this motorcycle has been completely changed. He doesn’t look like a Yezdi at all. The fuel tank for this motorcycle comes from a current generation Jawa. Changes were made to the frame of the motorcycle. It is now a single-seater motorcycle. Instead of double shocks, the rear now benefits from a single-shock suspension.

The video does not mention whether the engine has been repaired or not. Yet it is the original engine. The vlogger starts the engine and the classic motorcycle exhaust note can be heard. The frame of the bike has been completely reworked to achieve a bobber stance. The rear receives a custom fender and the large rear tire is left exposed.

The rear lights and turn signals are placed on the side panels. The bike also receives a tailor-made exhaust. The double exhaust of this motorcycle has been preserved. Yezdi recently posted a teaser video of the motorcycle. The teaser video shows a preview of the upcoming motorcycle. The next Yezdi motorcycle is likely to be a dual-purpose adventure motorcycle. The motorcycle has been sighted several times on Indian roads. The bike is likely to compete with Royal Enfield Himalayan and is likely to be powered by a 334cc engine from Jawa Perak.

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