Commencal announces the Meta HT AM Hardtail 2021



Press release: Commencal

The Meta HT AM continues on its own path. Our research shows this to be the most versatile bike in our entire lineup. Enduro, off-road, urban playgrounds or pump track, he is literally at home everywhere.

We believed in this niche several years ago and since then we have become real specialists. To stay one step ahead, we look at the little details that make the difference.

On this new version, the seat tube is lowered, which has two advantages. First, it is now possible to fit a longer travel seat post, and second, the size choice is no longer limited by a seat tube that is too high. This is especially useful for those who want a longer bike.


For the rest, we tweaked our formula. A hardtail allows for greater pedaling efficiency, lighter weight and less essential maintenance. A 150mm or 160mm fork offers comfort and / or safety depending on what you’re riding.

The frame accommodates 27.5 and 29 inch wheels. 27.5 for small and medium sized riders. Or simply for those who prefer increased handling, comfort and grip.

29 “wheels for medium and tall riders. Or for those who value efficiency, precision and performance.

First choice bike for some, second or third choice for others, the Meta HT Am is one of those bikes that simply make you want to ride.

2021 Meta HT AM


2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM

2021 Meta HT AM


2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM

2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM
2021 Meta HT AM

Prices :

META HT AM GENUINE : € 1,199 / US $ 1,199
META HT AM RIDE : € 1,499 / US $ 1,399
META HT AM ESSENTIAL : € 1,899 / US $ 1,799
META HT AM 29 RACE : 2 149 € / 2,199 US $

More info on the COMMENCAL websites:

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