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Royal Enfield has a strong fan base in the Indian market due to its build quality and attractive looks. Therefore, its popularity attracts custom shops and designers to play with its design and provide it with more interesting appearances. There are many aftermarket modifiers and support across the country, and Neev Motorcycles is one of them as well. Recently they customized an RE motorcycle into a bobber and called it “Divine”.

As part of their collaboration with Royal Enfield, they have redesigned the brand’s Classic 350 motorcycle. This modified bike gave birth to a jaw-dropping bobber named Divine. They picked the single saddle bobber design for the custom bike and gave it some cool stuff. The brass accents all over the body of the bike are mesmerizing and perfectly complement the black hue of the bike. Also, to give the bike a low profile appearance, they increased the wheelbase.

Neev Motorcycles designers also removed some unnecessary parts from the motorcycle. And to create a classic old-school look, they outfitted the bike with 5×16 vintage-pattern tires with wire-spoke wheels. With those wide tires, the bike looks like a giant, and its road presence has been enhanced as well. Brass handwork all over the body adds to the beauty of the Divine. Engravings on the fuel tank, side profile and other prominent parts gave the bike a regal look.

Additionally, grips, footpegs, exhaust ends, fuel caps, sissy bars and other components are either machined or made from solid brass. On top of that, the attention to detail on its leather tank, fenders and seat is breathtaking. To complete the look, they used a black and gold paint scheme. Gold leaf is used to further enhance the appearance of the tank. They did all the customization work in such a neat and clean way that every custom motorcycle lover will appreciate the end product. Here is the official video of the Royal Enfield Divine:

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Meet Divine: A Custom-Built Royal Enfiled Bobber by Neev Motorcycles

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