Farr’s Twin-T Hardtail is a Ducati-inspired steel comeback



Australian brand Farr set up their stand as soon as you heard about it. It’s not a brand that invests in tackling the most technical terrains, but rather in broadening horizons and making those epic adventures easier, faster and more enjoyable.

The brand launches products on horseback on the adventure, gravel and XC ranges comprising four frames and accessories such as stems, bags and even aero mountain bike handlebars. His latest frame isn’t so much about marginal gains, as it is a tribute to the past with a hardtail frame that looks totally unique.

Intended use: Touring and XC
Frame material 4130 Steel
Wheel size: 29 “
To travel: Fork 100-120mm recommended
Seat angle: 74 °
Head angle: 69 °
To reach: 443 mm (large)
Weight: 3.26 kg (medium, before painting)
Sizes: S, M, L
Price: $ 895.00 (frame only)
More information: ridefarr.com

Like many of the quirky projects we’ve seen over the past 12 months, this bike was envisioned while in containment. For Farr, inspiration came from two places – first old-fashioned MTB and BMX bikes. Back then, frame designs were much less uniform than they are today and Farr wanted to go back to that time with this bike. Victor Momsen, the designer, said: “We were looking at some of the great early bikes from both sports – so many cool frame designs that showed the creativity of the time. Today it’s all about carbon and me too – designs that all look the same on the trails or the roads. “

The second design element comes from the world of motorcycles and the design of the Ducati trellis. First created by Massimo Tamburini, it uses a steel skeleton for vertical strength but allows for lateral flex, there’s a great deep dive above Cycleworld, here. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a trellis design in the bike world and some of the inspiration comes from the original SE Quadangle from the ’80s.

The Ducati-inspired trellis design apparently adds around 800 grams of weight compared to a standard rigid steel frame, but Farr argues that’s not much if you plan to pack the bike with bags for a long time. tour anyway.

Of course, this isn’t a complete throwback and Farr has tried to update the designs he took inspiration from to create a modern mountain bike. The wheels are 29 “front and rear with Boost spacing and they also have a modernized geometry and are compatible with a dropper post. The bike is designed to be stiff or take a 100- fork. 120mm (510mm spindle at crown) although Victor admits the design and amount of oversized tubes / welds would allow up to 140mm of travel up front (although this would raise the BB and loosen the angles a bit. Put the set together and Farr describes it as “old school BMX meets vintage mountain bike meets bikepacking meets fun biking for aberrant adults.”
Farr is keen to make it clear that this is not a trail bike and while some angles go that way, it has limited itself to reach and angles that are conservative enough to ensure versatility. He currently straddles the border between mountain biking and gravel geo, indicating his hiking ambitions with a more playful edge.

Farr will produce 100 units of the Twin T in the two different colors, but another series could be considered if the demand is there. Taiwan-made frames are available to order now for delivery in July or August. More info here.


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