First round: Yeti’s ARC 2021 semi-rigid



The ARC has been an iconic bike in the Yeti range for years. Debuting in 1991 in collaboration with Easton, the bike weighed half the weight of its competition. Thanks to the use of ProTaper tubing, the frame then weighed just 3.2 pounds. The ARC, along with ARC AS and ARC AS LT, was a very successful platform in the early years of mountain biking, achieving many victories under Juli Furtado, Missy Giove, John Tomac and d ‘ other legends of the glory days.

A few weeks ago, we saw Yeti bring back the ARC as a limited anniversary edition hardtail. Only 100 of the uniquely painted bikes were available. The bike, however, was an entirely new frame, modernized from the last iteration with aggressive geometry and a build kit more suited to taking long hikes in the backcountry, or a weekend of bikepacking, which ‘it was only to head to the start line of a long distance race. Unsurprisingly, the ARC is now going to be a production bike for Yeti, available in a number of versions on a single TURQ frame.

It’s no surprise that we are launching the CRA. It was probably the bike industry’s worst-kept secret over the past two weeks. We’ve focused so much on full suspension bikes over the past five years that we’ve forgotten how much fun a hardtail can be.Chris Conroy – President, Yeti Cycles

Soft lines and cool colors, the Anniversary Edition combines classic Yeti colors with modern carbon technology.

The ARC frame is Yeti’s only hardtail, with a carbon frame designed around a 130mm fork. This gives it a head angle of 67 °, a seat tube angle of 76 °, chainstays of 433mm, and a mid-size 445mm reach. The Turq carbon frame weighs 2.82 lbs.

The price of the versions ranges from $ 3,500 for the C1 to $ 9,900 for the “Anniversary Edition” which is sure to put a cavity in your wallet. The TURQ frame alone sells for US $ 1,900. The mid-size, complete bike with T2 construction that I was riding weighs 24.5 lbs and sells for US $ 5,600. All frames are covered by Yeti’s BS-Free Lifetime Warranty. More information about the bike and the warranty can be found here.

When I first saw the RCAF’s 35th Anniversary Edition, I was like, “Well, that’s cool, but there’s no way it makes sense to pay that much. for a hardtail that will probably be a second bike for many to a full-suspension track bike. ”A few days later, when I found out I had an inline model of the road bike, I was glad to hear that this was a much more reasonable price of $ 5,600 which is still very expensive considering you can get a really good full suspension bike for less than $ 3,000, and that there were even more affordable options. Now I don’t call it cheap or affordable … but I also don’t say that about the Tesla Model 3 as I walk past the dealership and think how nice it is to see that ‘there is something more reasonable than the more expensive cars on the plot.

Trip impressions

For that $ 5,600 you get a 24.5lb RIB that’s pretty compound from the start. A Fox Factory 34 fork, DT wheels and SRAM X01 drivetrain, plus a 175mm Fox Transfer seat post. I only have a few laps on the ARC at this point, so these impressions are just that, impressions. This does not constitute a complete examination of the bicycle. Again, this is a hardtail and not much going on, so it’s pretty easy to get a feel for things quickly.

While pedaling and uphill, the bike’s 76 ° seat tube angle puts me, with my long legs and a 73.5cm seat height, in a comfortable but aggressive uphill position. It’s a bit steeper than a lot of other hardtails I’ve ridden recently and a lot of hardtails currently available. The Santa Cruz Chameleon sits at 72.8 ° and the Specialized Fuse 29 at 74 °, for comparison.

When going downhill, the ARC is balanced and easy to fly over a variety of terrain. Fluid trails were, of course, his specialty, but more rugged and technical terrain was surprisingly easy to negotiate. The wide and aggressive 2.6 “tread undoubtedly played a big part in this and in the bike, as a complete set it is clearly well thought out.

There were even a couple of timed hours with the bike loaded with a bag full of drinks and snacks and this turned out to be a great tool for hauling supplies on pretty technical trails and into the woods for an afternoon of swimming. and memories of sunburn.

So far the ARC is shaping up to be a versatile tool and one of the most versatile and enjoyable bikes I’ve ridden in recent times.


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