Greg Hageman turned a ’95 Sportster into a street tracker


Right now, if you’re even interested in motorcycles, you know that Harley-Davidson has big plans for the years to come, including expanding the customer lineup. By that, I really mean that the company is considering targeting younger potential buyers. How do you refresh a century-old brand without losing the DNA that made it popular in the first place? You should check out Greg Hageman’s work on this Sportster, because that’s how it is.

Greg Hageman is personalized royalty. He’s been working there since the 90s and has deployed some truly iconic customs and performed spectacularly on many Yamaha’s. One of his more recent projects, however, is a Harley and while I’m not usually the type to drool over an old-fashioned brand, they say there is a first time for everything.

This bike started life as a Sportser in 1995, initially modified with silly monkey hangers and other budding customization shenanigans. In Hageman’s masterful hands, however, the relaunched custom XL1200 Sportser is still sexy. This time, he had carte blanche with his design, it’s a bike he built for himself.

The design includes a flat track handlebar assembly, 2-in-1 exhaust system, stainless steel wire wheels, skid plate, side-mounted speedometer, and studded tires. Hageman also dismantled the engine and gearbox which he then proceeded to complete rebuilding. The same has been done on the front suspension while at the rear nitrogen shocks provide support.

The result is a stunning custom with some HD DNA and a lot of sex appeal. Hageman is so good in fact that some of his designs have even inspired manufacturers – I hope HD takes notes because if you ask me, this is the kind of look the brand could adopt for its “young audience” so much. longed for. Too bad this one is for the Hageman collection, this is a Harley that I wouldn’t hesitate to give for a ride.

Source: Silodrome

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