Handmade Harley Sportster Killer by Matt Waln


I’m not the only one who thinks Harley-Davidson machines are sometimes too bling-bling, very expensive paint jobs, tons of chrome accessories and more. Matt Waln was tired of all the shiny bling almost all HDs are known for, so when a friend of his told him he was about to sell his Sportster 883, he knew the right time had come. .

First, Matt demolished the Sportster and looking at the frame he decided to go for the old school hardtail look. A new rear section was ordered from Bare Knuckle Choppers, but its 6 ” (15cm) stretch was a runner, so he cut it in half the distance. With the new lower rear position the bike looked weird, so shortening the forks was next.

The forks got 4.5 inches (11cm) shorter and Matt installed a liter class Gixxer brake master on the custom bars mounted on the shaft. Low, narrow and aggressive, the new handlebars accentuate the bike’s mid-range look even more. He used Yamaha R1 rear controls for the front foot controls, making custom brackets to help them fit into the frame.

Waln also moved the tank to the middle of the frame and built a custom base pan for the leather seat made by his grandfather, while at the same time building the rear fender, plate holder, housing. battery and just about all things in the rear part of the bike according to its own design.

To finish off his handcrafted Harley, Matt chose a sober, matte paint job, highlighting the fact that MoCos can look great without bling as well. Oh, and the young lady in the shiny leggings is his girlfriend Michelle, and she rode on the bare metal fender!

Going through canibeat. Photos by Jonathan DeHate, Josh Taylor and Sean Tierney.

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