Harley-Davidson abandons Sportster and Street from European lineup



Harley davidson would stop offering its Sportster and Street models in Europe, thanks to the Euro 5 emission standards which will come into effect by the end of the year. Sportsters and Street models will continue to be sold in North America and other markets that are not subject to Euro 5 or equivalent standards, but for Europe, Harley-Davidson will abandon its smaller and larger models. affordable. The news comes days after Harley-Davidson announced the end of operations in India.

from France Moto-Station reported on Sportster and Street news with confirmation with French Harley-Davidson operations management. According to the report, Harley-Davidson chose not to take steps to update the models to be Euro 5 compliant. There was no word on the rest of the Harley-Davidson lineup, which still needs updates to meet the new standards, but in the future there will be no Harley-Davidson models displacing less than 1,746cc. At least not before Panamerica 1250 should be released early next year.

Harley-Davidson France has also confirmed that a replacement lineup is in the works, in addition to the Pan America and other models sharing its 1250cc liquid-cooled V-Twin, although it isn’t ready immediately. We expect this to be a future Sportster using the new engine with variable valve timing described in the patents we discovered in June.

Another possibility is the new model 338R under development with Qianjiang for the Chinese market. Qianjiang is expected to produce its own version of the bike for Europe like a Benelli, which means the engine would be Euro 5 compliant. At this point, however, there is no indication that the small-displacement Harley-Davidson model will be offered outside of Asia.

While Sportsters will continue to be sold in the United States, the fate of the Street line is less clear. Street models for use outside of North America were produced at the Harley-Davidson plant in India. With Harley-Davidson production ceasing in India, the Motor Company can choose to move all Street production to the United States (where all Street models sold in North America are assembled) or discontinue it altogether. Harley-Davidson has made it clear that its Reconnection plan understands the reduction of its product line by 30%, so the removal from the street would not be a surprise.

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