Harley-Davidson Custom 1250cc Sportster on its way to …


It is normal that the day the White House celebrates Thanksgiving by making the president forgive a turkey previously sentenced for slaughter (even if Donald Trump may not be feeling so benevolent this year …), this great American brand Harley-Davidson has (sort of) confirmed that the stunning Harley-Davidson Custom sportster revealed in 2018 also survived the chop.

One of three models revealed so far that will feature Harley’s all-new (and vital) Revolution Max engine, the Custom’s future has been uncertain in recent months as the company has warned it will rock the ax and would make tough decisions as part of a major “Hardwire” re-strategy to overthrow the declining fortunes.

Harley-Davidson Pan America and the Bronx unveiled

Previously, only the Harley-Davidson Pan America had been confirmed as going into production – albeit more than two years after its first reveal – but the Bronx streetfighter, which reportedly used a scaled-down 975cc version of the “Max” engine original 1250cc, has been put on hold, which many consider to be completely shelved.

However, the “Custom” model reappeared on HD’s “Future Vehicles” landing page and now says it is “scheduled for 2021” (so expect 2022…). Information is scarce except for a short blurb that says “the all new custom bike with a muscular stance, aggressive and stripped-down styling and 1250cc of pure performance”.

This is good news for those who love a Harley-Davidson sportster after it was revealed in October that the current range would be phased out from European ranges instead of updating them to meet Euro5 standards.

At the heart of the yet-to-be-named model will be the big Revolution Max motor which, at the very least, is certainly one of the most visually striking motors that looks like sheer torque even before it squeezes out. turn it on.

The meaty 1250cc engine certainly promises low growls, but the proof will be in the pudding next year at some point when the first model to use it – the Pan America – finally makes its way into our hands.


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