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Tall handlebars, cool graphics and garage attitude

MILWAUKEE – Harley-Davidson is adding to the long heritage of its Sportster motorcycle line with the introduction of the Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special models. The latest in a line of 100 high-impact motorcycles the company plans to introduce by 2027, these new high-bar Sportsters combine the retro styling trends of the custom motorcycle scene with the solid foundation of the platform. Sportster shape and the punchy performance of the Evolution 1200 V-Twin engine.

Since its introduction in 1957, Sportster motorcycles have been reinvented many times, in the hands of the Motor Company and motorcycle owners: the Sportster as a bobber, chopper, scrambler and café racer; as heroes on flat tracks, drag strips and road racing courses; as an accessible entry point for novice riders and as a custom cruiser.

“Since its inception, the Sportster has offered the perfect combination of size, power and character that makes it appealing to so many different riders,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson’s vice president of styling and design. “A Sportster is a relatively easy bike to take apart and reinvent. What we did to create the new Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special is what Sportster owners have been doing with their own bikes for generations.

New fuel tank graphics distinguish both the Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special, and combine bold color stripes with formal typeface, colors and graphics originally popular in the 1970s. 1970.

“The art on these two fuel tanks reflects the contemporary trends we see on custom bikes and in design in general, a move away from more intricate and intricate art to a very simple and clean look,” Richards said. . “It’s also important to note that these graphics respect the shape of the fuel tank and in the case of the Sportster, that tank shape is a classic design element in its own right.”

Iron 1200™
The Iron 1200 recipe starts with power. A 1202cc Evolution® 1200 V-Twin engine delivers 36% more torque (73.0 ft-lbs vs. 53.8 ft-lbs) than the 883 Evolution engine that powers the Iron 883, the urban brawler of origin of the Sportster family. The Iron 1200 brings more punch to street fighting – more power to get away from green lights and more midrange to cut through traffic. More power means more rowdy fun.

The satin black Mini Ape handlebar is an essential part of the garage chopper look that adds instant attitude. This 1.0-inch-diameter handlebar offers 8.75-inch rise, 32-inch spread and 6.5-inch drop, which opens up the rider’s triangle with a fist-in-the-wind posture. The gloss black speed screen framing the headlight is a West Coast styling influence that amplifies the attitude of the high bars, is meant to provide some wind deflection at high speeds and provides space for easy customization. The fast-back Café Solo saddle flows to the rear fender and is designed to help hold the rider in position when the torque of the Evolution 1200 kicks in.

A classic 3.3-gallon Sportster fuel tank features multi-color stripe graphics that wrap around the profile of the tank. The dark engine finish helps draw eyes to the bright tank graphics. Fuel tank paint color options include Vivid Black, Twisted Cherry and Billiard White, always contrasting with the Vivid Black speedscreen.

The entire powertrain was styled with a popular color: black upper and lower rocker covers, black exhaust and muffler guards, and black timer, primary and derby covers. The pushrod tubes and chrome tappet covers are the only shiny elements and show off the shape of the V-Twin engine. The Iron 1200 is finished with all-black 9-spoke wheels (19-inch front diameter and 16-inch rear diameter) and a solid black belt guard and rear sprocket.

The Harley-Davidson Intelligent Security System and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) are factory-installed options for the Iron 1200 model.

Special Forty-Eight®
The rugged front end of the Forty-Eight Special – a 130mm front tire framed by 49mm forks set in huge forged aluminum triple clamps – looks especially menacing when topped with a gloss black Tallboy handlebar from 7.25 inches tall.

“We specifically selected the Tallboy bar for its shape,” Richards said. “It offers less kickback than the Mini-Ape, a look that really works with the Forty-Eight Special model’s steamroller front end and smaller fuel tank.”

This “peanut” 2.2-gallon Sportster fuel tank features rows of bold horizontal stripes framing a simple Harley-Davidson text logo. The fuel tank is available in three colors: Vivid Black, Wicked Red and Billiard White.

The Evolution 1200 engine features a black top end and an expanse of bright chrome below, including chrome primary, inspection and derby covers, as well as a solid chrome muffler and exhaust shields. Chrome lower rocker arms, pushrod tubes and tappet covers contrast with the black cylinders to highlight the shape of the V-Twin engine. High-performance Michelin Scorcher 31 tires front and rear are mounted on black 9-spoke cast aluminum wheels (16-inch diameter front and rear).

The Harley-Davidson Intelligent Security System and Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) are factory-installed options for the Forty-Eight Special model.

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