Harley-Davidson is sending the guys at Bikes and Beards a giant box for free

The Bikes and Beards YouTube channel kicks off the video after receiving a large motorcycle-sized box from Harley-Davidson which is unusual as motorcycles are not usually sent this way, especially American or Japanese motorcycles.

To their surprise after unboxing, Harley-Davidson sent a new Sportster S, which they decided to turn into a flat-track bike.

Watch the video to see them test the Sportster S’ capabilities, including speed and fuel economy.

Christmas: Unboxing the Harley-Davidson Sportster S

After telling Harley-Davidson they were “Pumped about the New Sportster S” they send one to undergo the transition to a flat track bike, although as they say it’s unusual for a motorcycle arrives in a box.

Nevertheless, he arrives unscathed.

After unpacking and immediately started by a burn-out, they decide to face the Sportster S against a Harley-Davidson 131 on the road.

The 131 has an upgraded engine and is “pretty fast for a Harley-Davidson”.

After taking the bikes against each other twice, they finally determined that both were just plain fast.

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They then go through a 0-60 mph race to figure out how to get the fastest possible 0-60 time in the Harley-Davidson Sportster S, which ultimately leads to his bespoke ride mode and going fast. realizes that the traction control was inhibiting the time, asking the ultimate question if it’s fast enough to knock down the Harley-Davidson Destroyer’s 3.1-second time.

The next task is to take the bike apart to make sure it’s not a scooter and figure out if it’s actually a motorcycle, which they decide. so far, the Sportster S has delivered an impressive performance.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S outperforms in every area, including economy

With the Sportster S so far exceeding expectations, they decide to test the MPG rating. Harley-Davidson claims it will hit 43 MPG, but it bets it will go further than a Honda that claims it will hit over 100 MPG.

The difference being that the Harley-Davidson has a significant horsepower advantage over the Honda and when just cruising the highway the Honda will be at its limit while the Harley-Davidson will only be using a fraction of its Powerful.

Harley-Davidson intentionally estimates its MPG ratings this way to account for actual motorcycle use.

They empty each bike’s fuel tanks and fill both with exactly 1 gallon of gas and head for the highway.

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Once on the highway, as expected, the Honda’s fuel levels drop rapidly as the bike hits its limit. Once the Honda runs out of fuel and pulls to the side of the road, the Harley-Davidson is ready for more and onwards. The Sportster S ultimately travels 73 miles, far exceeding its original MPG estimate. The video ends with a more in-depth discussion of future plans to turn the Sportster S into a flat track bike.

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