Harley-Davidson recalls certain Pan America and Sportster S motorcycles

Software problems are again appearing in motorcycle applications. This time it’s Harley-Davidson’s turn in the barrel. Harley is recalling certain Pan America and Sportser S models totaling 3,719 motorcycles. The software is causing a problem in the bike’s instrument cluster. For cold starts below freezing, the unit may not display a speedometer or neutral indicator.

Harley’s Part 573 Safety Recall Report

Harley’s Part 573 safety recall report to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says up to 3,719 motorcycles are affected.

In the report, Harley says:

The instrument cluster modules on certain 2021 motorcycles, P/N 70900896 on
RA1250S/RA1250 (i.e. Pan America models) and P/N 70900897 on RH1250S (i.e. Sportster S models) may have a software error related to internal temperature of the instrument cluster.

Describing the safety risk, Harley says:

“Due to an error in the instrument cluster module software in the recalled population, the instrument cluster may not display the speedometer or neutral indicator as required by FMVSS 123 if the temperature cluster is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) Tests indicate that the instrument cluster self-heats during vehicle operation, so this condition can only occur during start-up cold when the temperature of the instrument cluster is below freezing point.

Interestingly, if the problem occurs, the bike will display the following:

“Show Temperature – Please Cool” and a temperature alert icon.

Specifically, Harley’s investigation revealed that the instrument cluster will display the error, followed by a black screen. The blank display will remain until the internal temperature of the instrument cluster is above 32 F/0 C and an ignition cycle occurs.

Affected motorcycles

The motorcycles affected by this recall are:


Start VIN: 1HD1ZDS11MB305300

End of VIN: 1HD1ZDS28MB315752

✔ Non-sequential

Production dates: MAY 24, 2021 – OCT 12, 2021

RA1250 (Pan America) 2021

Start VIN: 1HD1ZES18MB300794

End of VIN: 1HD1ZES29MB315751

✔ Non-sequential

Production dates: MARCH 10, 2021 – OCT 19, 2021

RA1250S (Pan America S) 2021

Start VIN: 1HD1ZC42XMB305005

End of VIN: 1HD1ZC417MB318088

✔ Non-sequential

Production dates: MAY 21, 2021 – DECEMBER 03, 2021

RH1250S (Sportster S) 2021

Notification calendar

To remedy the defect, Harley will notify dealers and owners of this recall by following the notification schedule below:

Expected Dealer Notification Date: FEBRUARY 01, 2022 – FEBRUARY 08, 2022
Expected notification date to owner: February 8, 2022 – February 15, 202

Harley Davidson motorcycle repair

Registered owners of the affected motorcycles should take them to an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer. The dealer will update the instrument cluster software free of charge.


If owners have any questions, they can contact Harley Customer Service at 1-800-258-2464 and quote Harley recall number 0631. Owners can also contact the NHTSA Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327 -4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), citing NHTSA campaign number 22V030000, or go to www.nhtsa.gov.

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