Harley-Davidson Rusty Rose plays the Bobber card, drop the chrome


The automotive world has these things we call sleepers, coming to the Strip with downcast looks meant to hide what real monsters they are inside. There is no such correspondent in the motorcycle world, but shops all over the world are known for deliberately trying to give two-wheelers a used look, because they are cool.

Something along those lines has been tried with what was once a stock Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight. The German Thunderbike team worked on this latest creation with the aim of making an old-fashioned bobber with the American street machine.

This meant that a number of visual improvements needed to be made to transform the bike into something that looks old, but is anything but.

The first thing that catches the eye is the use of brass components in key places on the bike to make it look old and rusty – after all, the name of the entire project is Rusty Rose. Then there are no more chrome parts on this thing, as all of them have been removed by means of powder coating, or just replacing them with black ones.

Next are the specially selected parts that have been fitted here and there, starting with the handcrafted handles, or the weathered air cleaner cover made by Harley-Davidson.

But the changes on the bike are a bit more extensive than that. First, a custom fuel tank was installed, “the largest Sportster tank.” Then the frame was shortened, a swivel fender and custom struts were fitted, and a special saddle was placed in it for rider comfort.

The bike now rides on 16-inch wheels wrapped in whitewall tires, and the entire build sits closer to the ground thanks to the installation of shorter shock absorbers.

As for the cost of construction, compared to what else Thunderbike has been up lately, this one is a real bargain. The coins used are worth approximately 3,400 euros ($ 4,100). We’re not told how much it costs to cover the Forty-Eight in the special shade of dark brown with gold accents.

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