Harley-Davidson Sportster S dominates 24-hour endurance test, covers 3,141 km

A team of five runners took part in the endurance race which saw an average speed of almost 131 km/h.

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14 Feb 2022, 10:47

Harley-Davidson Sportster S in action at the Hero test track in Jaipur.

NEW DELHI : The Harley-Davidson Sportster S recently became the first motorcycle in the country to complete a 24-hour endurance test by covering 3,141 km. A team of five riders took the Harley-Davidson to the Hero’s Global Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT) test track in Jaipur, where the record was set.

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In a press release, Harley-Davidson informed that the test began at 3:00 p.m. Saturday with the team going through 31 pit stops. These included breaks for refueling, driver change and change of new tires every 1,000 km. Each runner completed six runs with an average of 100 km each run. The team raced at approximately 130.9 km/h for the entire 24-hour duration on the 1.74 kilometer long oval high-speed track.

Harley-Davidson Sportster S is powered by a 121 horsepower Revolution Max 1250T V-Twin engine and was the obvious choice for this record attempt. “It’s a strong testament to the quality of this HD bike to have passed the test and gone further than any other bike in the country in 24 hours,” said Ravi Avaur, Head – Harley-Davidson Business Unit at Hero MotoCorp.

The five riders who took part in the Harley-Davidson Sportster S 24-hour endurance test included national riders like Anushriya Gulati and Vijay Singh. There was also Malo Le Masson and Vijay Thomas from Hero MotoCorp. The endurance test was overseen by two members of the Hero MotoCorp team at CIT, David Lopez Cordoba – head of chassis functional development and national racing program, and Alex Busquets – head of vehicle validation.

The iconic motorcycling major says the 1.74 kilometer long oval-shaped high-speed track was specifically chosen in an attempt to test the limits of human and motorcycle endurance. Interestingly, this comes after Harley-Davidson recently took its Pan America to the highest unpaved motorable road in the world.

The Harley-Davidson Sportster S is powered by a 121hp Revolution Max 1250T V-Twin liquid-cooled engine. The motorcycle brand claims that this engine is tuned to generate massive low-end torque, with a torque curve that stays flat across the entire power band. The engine is also designed to deliver strong acceleration off the start with robust mid-range power, Harley claims.

The company offers a wide range of accessories and different color options for this motorcycle. These include Vivid Black, Stone Washed White Pearl and Midnight Crimson.

It has several driving modes – Sport, Road and Rain. These modes electronically control the performance characteristics of the motorcycle and the level of technological intervention. There are two custom modes offered which can be used by the rider to create a set of performance characteristics to suit personal preferences or for particular situations.

Harley-Davidson is equipped with Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements, which is a technology package intended to improve rider confidence during unexpected situations or adverse road conditions.

Date of first publication: February 14, 2022, 10:29 am IST

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