Harley-Davidson: Sportster S is India’s first motorcycle to attempt 24-hour endurance feat

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Harley-Davidson’s new XL boy has just been tagged as India’s first bike to attempt a 24-hour endurance feat – and with HD’s Twitter Update reporting that the Sportster S covered 3,141 kilometers with an average speed of 130.9 km/h, we have a new level of respect for the American manufacturer’s nod to the next generation.

A more in-depth report from Hindustan time tells us that the feat was achieved at the Hero’s Global Center for Innovation and Technology (CIT) test track in Jaipur by five volunteers, with a total of 31 pit stops recorded for refueling, change of driver and new tire changes (the latter being done three times – once every 1,000 kilometres).

“It’s a strong testament to the quality of this HD bike to have passed the test and gone further than any other bike in the country in 24 hours,” says Ravi Avaur, Harley-Davidson business unit manager at Hero MotoCorp.

The volunteers chosen for the task also knew what they were doing – two of them were national riders (Anushriya Gulati and Vijay Singh), with Hero Motocorp offering Malo Le Masson and Vijay Thomas included in the quintet, and all the kit -and- caboodle supervised by David Lopez Cordoba (Head of Chassis Functional Development and National Race Program) and Alex Busquets (Head of Vehicle Validation).

“[H-D] claims that the 1.74 kilometer long oval-shaped high-speed track was specifically chosen in an attempt to test the limits of human and motorcycle endurance,” continues the report.

“Interestingly, this comes after Harley-Davidson recently took its Pan America to the highest unpaved motorable road in the world.”

A view of the Sportster S breaking a national endurance record in Jaipur

Suffice it to say, HD’s advertising credentials are impressive – and hearty congratulations to the brand on their machine’s new all-time high.

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*All media sourced from Hindustan Times and Harley-Davidson Twitter*

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