Here’s what we expect from the Indian Scout Bobber 2021

Performance and innovation are two terms that describe Indian Motorcycle as a brand: a company that constantly tries to push the limits with each new launch. We can’t remember the last time the company let their fans down with a relaunch. For a brand that consistently rivals Harley at the highest level, the bar is indeed very high considering the elite range of motorcycles the company has produced over the years: Roadster models, Chieftain models, and Moreover.

So what’s next for the American motorcycle giant? Say hello to the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber. The new Scout Bobber retains the essence of traditional Indian motorcycles and packs a powerful punch with a plethora of amazing features. What is the new Scout Bobber? What are some of its most impressive features?

Here’s what we expect from the new 2021 Indian Scout Bobber.

A power station

Indian Scout Bobber 2021
Via Indian Motorcycle

The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is designed to outperform. It boasts an unrivaled combination of high engine power, rugged bodywork, and versatile performance that make it an absolute beast of a bike. It is equipped with a 100-horsepower liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that provides excellent acceleration and exhibits impressive dynamics. The bike offers the added benefit of electronic fuel injection and optional ABS (Antilock Braking System) for rider comfort and safety. This beauty rides like a stallion at full gallop with its cleverly lowered suspension that catches the eye as the monster generates peak torque of up to 6,000 rpm.

Say yes to long journeys with the new Bobber’s 3.3 gallon fuel capacity. The superbike sports a smooth six-speed drivetrain to enhance performance and ensure a smooth ride.

At 5.1 inches, the 2021 Bobber’s ground clearance feels near perfect and the street-tracker’s handlebars fit like a glove. This monster is the ultimate heavyweight champion in its class, weighing in at around 555 lbs when the tank is full and around 534 lbs when the tank needs juice. A sturdy 6.2-inch wheelbase carries the thick, sturdy chassis with relative ease, and the purposeful ankle position provides a low profile. The latest Scout Bobber leather seats are designed in classic bobber style – to allow for an aggressive riding position without compromising on comfort.

Designed with a combination of immense passion and the most advanced engineering, the latest Indian Motorcycle is a powerhouse in its own right.

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Raw and breathtaking

Indian Scout Bobber 2021
Via Indian Motorcycle

The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber features an exclusive premium styling look. Designed with uncompromising attention to detail, the new Bobber displays a unique charisma that is impossible to ignore.

The chassis is as beautiful as it gets with blackened finishes charming the viewer from wing to wing. The raw sense of style is diligently pulled with side number plates making a stunning style statement.

Manufacturers are aware that cyclists need their smartphones, whether for a long or short trip. Therefore, the latest Bobber is equipped with a hidden USB port allowing cyclists to charge their smartphones when they are on the move. The mainframe draws attention with the iconic “INDIAN SCOUT” logo in a bold traditional font.

A plethora of color choices are available to suit the tastes of Indian Motorcycle fans. Standard Thunder Black is available in Traditional and Custom (Thunder Black ABS) modes. Other color combinations include Thunder Black Smoke (ABS), White Smoke (ABS), Alumina Jade Smoke (ABS) and our favorite Maroon Metallic Smoke (ABS). Automobile enthusiasts have the luxury of discovering a 3D version of the Indian Scout Bobber 2021 on the official website where they can even choose their custom options which include customizable seats, storage options, lighting options, wheel customizations and accessories.

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The legacy continues

Indian Scout Bobber 2021
Via Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle is a brand bikers love and competitors revere. Not only do the company’s machines stand proudly against the biggest names in the automotive market, but they also have a rich heritage. The first Indian Scout models were built between 1920 and 1949 by the Indian Motorcycle Company. They rivaled the chief as the most important Indian model. The 101 Scout was widely regarded at the time as the best Indian motorcycle ever made. A look at the retro version will show you where the current models get their inspiration from.

Tough, heavy and generally strong, the Scouts were used as military bikes during WWII, after a period of dormancy. The war veteran wasn’t rebuilt until 2001, when the company decided to assemble the new version of the old boy in Gilroy, Calif., Known as the Gilroy Scout.

Two decades later, the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is set to raise the benchmark tenfold with its dazzling look and features. The 2020 version of the Indian Scout Bobber won over audiences and paved the way for the newer and uniquely designed version of the Bobber series. Sleek, comfortable and rugged, the 2021 Indian Scout Bobber is here to carry on the legacy of its predecessors. With a 2-year factory warranty and unlimited miles, the latest Scout Bobber has a starting price of $ 10,999 depending on the official company website.

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