Here’s Why Harley-Davidson Street Bob Is The Ultimate Bobber Motorcycle


Vintage custom motorcycles called Bobbers were very famous from the early 1930s to the late 1990s. The craze seemed to fade for a while in between, but it returned soon enough. The Bobbers are as American as they get. They were originally inspired by a custom motorcycle called “The Cut Down” based on Harley davidson J Series from the late 1920s. Cut-down did away with the front fenders, shortened the rear, and stripped the bike of all nonessential accessories. This not only improved performance but seemed to modernize the machine. The stripping or bob-job of motorcycles has given way to the name “Bobber”. The trend started in sports, to increase performance and handling on dirt tracks in the 1920s and these great bikes started making public appearances in the 1930s.

Traditionally, a modified frame with lowered seat tubes, a shortened wheelbase and an overall leaner body defined them. Of course, the only way to get a Bobber in those days was to get a simplistic conventional motorcycle and raze it to build one. But the characterization has changed a lot over the years due to the introduction of Factory Bobs and various hybrid options such as the bobber chopper and retro bobber. However, many people still like to grease their hands and build their Bob on their own, but for others who prefer to splurge, there are plenty of Factory Bobbers available on the market. Along with the legendary Harley-Davidson and the iconic Indian Scout, motorcycles like Honda and British Triumph have slowly carved out their own space in this daring world of chopper motorcycles.

Some fanatics think that you can’t buy one in the store and that a bobber is something you build, but worshipers don’t care if you built a custom yourself or bought a Bobber d factory directly on the shelves. Now that we have this out of the way, we think the ultimate bobber bike you can get your hands on has to be Harley-Davidson Street Bob’s coolest factory bobber. Read along to find the how and the why.

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Street Bob is bursting with power

2020 Harley-Davidson Street Bob FXBB - H20074 - Speedway Harley-Davidson®

via: Harley-Davidson Speedway

The 2018 Street Bob was a huge transition from the ’84 Dyna platform version. The old Street Bob model which was at its best a fashion statement underwent a massive 360 ​​degree overhaul and became an incredibly powerful machine from 18. The all new Street Bob is fitted with the Harley-Davidson V-Twin engine. Milwaukee Eight 107. It revs around 77-85 hp and a staggering 110 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm, which is way more torque than any of its competition manages to deliver. The maximum torque of 144 Nm requires only 1900 rpm. The best thing is that despite being slightly heavier at 630 pounds, torque translates very well on the road.

This HD bobber offers around 43 mpg, an estimated top speed of 125 mph, and an approximate range of around 120 miles. The engine, which has a displacement of 107 cubic inches, is mated to a six-speed gearbox that changes gears with surprising smoothness. Most of the driving can be enjoyed without even touching fifth and sixth gears. This badass cruiser comes with more than enough power to quickly weave through traffic and is comfortable enough for a relaxed cruising experience. With these mini-ape handlebars and the uniquely designed swingarm, the Street Bob is guaranteed to turn heads.

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Excellent handling and perfect for customization or reconstruction

New Harley-Davidson Street Bob® 2020 |  Motorcycles in Portage MI |  064144 River Rock Gray

via: Perry Harley-Davidson

Although it looks nothing like a sports bike, the Street Bob performs extremely well for a bobber. This is where the revised suspension comes in and steals the show. The improvement made the ride smooth and smooth even on bumpy and imperfect surfaces. The adjustable, almost invisible mono-shock, tactfully placed under the rider’s seat, smoothes out the jerking of potholes and bumps. The all-new Softail tubular frame is stiffer, lighter and stronger than before. Straight-line steering is light, precise and stable on all kinds of surfaces. The Street Bob is very easy to maneuver, even in heavy traffic. An incredible chopper, Street Bob comes with optional ABS for added safety. He likes corners and handles pretty well. Depending on the maximum speed, this Bobber can lean up to 28.5 degrees to either side for effortless cornering performance. Plus, there’s almost no resistance to sudden changes of direction, all thanks to the narrower Dunlops. This bike is a perfect choice for hardcore riders according to Ultimate Motorcycling.

That’s not all. DIY fanatics who like to get their hands dirty will love the Street Bob even more. They come with the challenge of customizing a Harley-Davidson and the ease of tinkering with all the bells and whistles. These are relatively easier to modify due to the minimal styling, easy accessibility, and semi-rigid pseudo-frame. The Street Bob looks heavy, but it’s simple and to be fair, a lot of fun to customize.

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