Here’s why we love the Triumph Bonneville Bobber

The Triumph Bonneville is a standard motorcycle that contains a two-stroke four-stroke parallel engine. Manufactured in three generations, the first two were between 1959-1988 and produced in the West Midlands, England.

The third series was created by Triumph Motorcycles in Leicestershire and began in 2001, continuing to the present day. The Triumph has some notable features, like a crazy engine.

Bring the latest Triumph Bonneville Bobber. This model has been around since 2017 and is a huge hit in today’s cycling world. However, there are some things you need to know before buying this Bonneville Bobber.

Find out why we love the Triumph Bonneville Bobber…


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Behind every Triumph Bobber you will find high torque 1200c Bonneville engines. Delivering a sufficient amount of torque and power, this engine offers an agile and dynamic ride.

Rounding out the suspension is the high-powered motor, offering Road and Rain ride modes, traction control, torque-assist clutch, immobilizer and one-button cruise control.

Exterior Styling

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Looking at the Bobber you will see that it exudes style and class. This new model takes the iconic traditional styles of the Bobber, like the sleek, slick look, and combines it with a more modern aggressive attitude.

The Bobber is built on a unique individual frame, chassis and suspension. The bespoke frame contains a geometric inspired design and a small rear end shape, for its custom look. The riding position and low seat height make this bike easily accessible to riders of all shapes and sizes.

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The range contains rider-focused technology for safe and interactive driving, such as different riding modes, immobilizer, engine control unit, ABS modulator and straight-line exhaust.

Key cycle components are hidden away, enhancing the Bobber’s sleek and stylish look. We love how the Bobber incorporates modern technology, but retains the classic, sleek exterior look it’s so famous for.

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With this motorcycle, you never have to worry about safety. The unique custom chassis, suspension and frame can work in tandem with rider-focused technology, to deliver a safe and secure ride.

With the lower seat height and adjustable riding position, the bike is balanced, high-grip and powerful. You can corner smoothly, which leads to an intuitive and responsive ride.


Bonneville Bobber Bike Accessories
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Interested in accessories? Well, Bobbers contain 130 accessories to provide style, detail, comfort and storage options. This way you can add your personal and personalized touch to your cycle.


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The Bobber contains a powerful engine that has two mufflers and a single airbox. This interesting construction provides a distinctive sound unique to the Bobber. With a deep growl that turns passersby’ heads as you race down the street, you’ll love the aggressive, nasty sound that this engine generates.

Overall grip

The Bonneville Bobber contains an excellent engine, a good chassis and an efficient and powerful suspension. The ergonomics found on the bike work great for shorter distances and trips, but may not be the best option for longer trips.

The Bobber is stylish, clean and looks like a performance motorcycle that combines strength, aggression and comfort. The Bobber comes with additional accessories and technologies, such as cruise control, high performance suspension, dual front discs and high-tech mechanisms.

If you’re looking for a Bonneville Bobber bike that’s true to the traditional style, but with more modern styling and performance, look no further. We love the new Bobber.

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