Here’s why you need the V-Twin Victory Gunner Bobber

Yes, we know Victory Motorcycles is no more as 2017 saw the brand disappear, a decision made by parent company Polaris due to no profits for the past five years. That said, the Victory Gunner is still a highly touted bobber of its time, and its limited production run only makes it even more beloved by bobber fans.

Before the choppers, there was the bobber. Bobbers are a type of motorcycle customization that first appeared in the 1930s and usually involve removing all non-essential body parts from the motorcycle along with the front fender. The rear fender is shortened or cut and the bike is stripped of everything superfluous to make it light.

The Victory Gunner came into the world in 2014 and remained in production until the end of the brand itself and is still remembered as one of the greatest of its time, which of course was not so distant.

If you’re looking for a mass-produced bobber, the Victory Gunner V-Twin should be mostly on your shortlist, and here are the reasons why.

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The Victory Gunner asks you to arm the engine

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The Victory Gunner easily married something new to something classic, like in V-Twin performance with a classic bobber look. The engine is the Freedom 106/6 1731-cc 50-degree V-Twin that lets you pull the Gunner with enough power to take it to 130 mph if not a little more. In 2015, that was enough power to put the Gunner head-to-head with the competition offered by Harley Davidson and its Polaris sibling, Indian Motorcycles.

At the time, the Victory motorcycle prided itself on being a performance brand, so it had to look good and ride just as hard. To many, he looked like the Bobbed Victory Judge, but beefier and much more muscular too.

Also, he seemed a bit too big to be called a bobber, but then again, sometimes size matters. And bigger is usually better, even in bobbers.

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Ride and shooter comfort are good

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The Gunner wore a scaled-down front fender tuned due to a fat front tire and blackout fork sliders that are non-adjustable and a little disappointing. The bike still cranks like most Victory models and there is a fairly wide solo seat on a reduced rear fender, which looks quite custom despite being a produced bike in series.

The seat height is just 25 inches off the ground with a ground clearance of 4.7 inches. Thus, the center of gravity is low and sufficient for people of average height to handle well. The retractable handlebars and forward controls are comfortable over short distances, but can cause the rider to develop stiff neck in the back on longer runs.

The chassis is all tubular steel while there is a 32 degree rake on the steering so cornering is a bit difficult for the Gunner although the ride remains stable. There’s a gasoline-powered monoshock that’s out of sight. The 16-inch 24-spoke aluminum rims are cool and they’re paired with Dunlop tires, 130/90 front and 140/90 rear with disc brakes, but no ABS.

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Why the Gunner Outfox Contest?

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The Gunner looks good, pretty good for its price of $12,999 in 2015, and even for $13,499 in 2016. The competition was the Harley-Davidson Fat Bob, but again, not everyone is not a Harley fan. The Victory Gunner may look a little less flashy than the Fat Bob, but it packs more punch and is also less expensive.

The bike has power, but it also offers a very stable and controllable ride, which even people of average height can handle with confidence. So it’s a bike for anyone looking to up the game, and today you can easily get a Victory Gunner for under $10,000.

It’s sporty and fun and doesn’t come quiet – it’s the kind of bike that may not stun with its looks but is sure to grab the attention of the revolution. In fact, it is so loud that there have also been complaints about noise emissions, but it is a loud and noisy motorcycle, so keep that in mind before choosing it. It is generally very popular with cyclists and is one of those Victory bikes that has left a strong and positive impression on people who have owned it.

Speaking of downsides, there have been three recalls for the Victory Gunner, two in 2014 and one in 2015, so before you say yes to purchase, make sure the example motorcycle you’re looking at is clean and was repaired by Victory, considering the brand is no more and you can’t expect much support from the company.

What tips the scales in Victory’s favor is the fact that it had a strong, reliable motor and is built for power and speed, while remaining low enough that even beginners can drive it. handle with reasonable ease.

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