Indian Indian Motorcycle Dealer Prepares Two Bobber Customs Scouts


Where do you get ideas for your new cycling projects? Inspiration can come from anywhere, and if you’re the French Indian Motorcycle Metz dealer you’re totally cool that it comes from more than one place at a time. Take their two most recent versions of Scout Bobber, which took place simultaneously.

To celebrate the sale of a record 100 bikes in a single year, the Lorraine, France-based store built the aptly named Hundred. Breaking 100 is more than just a sales number, so the store has relied on American drag bikes to refine those multiple levels to hundreds.

It took a set of Biltwell handlebars and reversed them. Then, the shop further refined the ergonomics with a saddle kit and a Wunderkind riser. Performance mods include a fully open intake fitted with a Trask Performance air filter and a Freedom performance exhaust. Samco reinforced water hoses keep everything cool under pressure.

Arnott air shocks are the rear suspension setup, and the Hundred rides on a set of Revtech wheels wrapped in Avon Cobra Chrome rubber. On the braking side, a set of Galfer petal discs allow you to stop when and where you want. AR Performance paint specialists applied the Lamborghini Orange finish with seven coats of varnish, including a final coat of ceramic.

Indian Motorcycle Metz’s second Scout Bobber is all about an overall old-fashioned aesthetic. The store said their main goal was to keep everything simple, with clean lines taking pride of place throughout. It reached the Indian Motorcycle accessory catalog for some blackened levers, as well as grips and floors. Then she ordered a custom solo saddle from Leathers Joff the Bearded.

Another Arnott air suspension setup was fitted to the Red Wings, along with a 200 section rear tire that required a custom rear fender made by Indian Motorcycle Metz. German metal specialists Blechfee built the front of the Springer beam on the Red Wings. Metz also installed a lenticular headlamp setup, Kellerman indicators and Klock Werks handlebars to complete the front end.

Of course, no motorcycle makeover would be complete without a great paint job. So Metz once again asked AR Performance to apply a gorgeous Apple Candy paint job to really play out that shiny job. The result, complemented by the Monza filler cap, lends a certain timeless and classic appeal. It’s not a vintage Scout, of course, but it’s a modern Scout Bobber that pays homage to its roots.

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