Indian Motorcycles Releases 2022 Chief, Super Chief, Chief Bobber

Indian Motorcycles celebrates 100 years of the Chief, one of its most famous nameplates. He marked the occasion by launching three new models for 2022 named Chief, Chief Bobber and Super Chief respectively.

Although all three bikes are built around a tubular steel frame and powered by the Thunderstroke V-twin engine, they each have their own unique personality. Indian developed the Chief Standard as a more streamlined bike for riders who prefer power and a minimalist look. The stylists chose not to add a fairing to the sides of the bike to leave the two-cylinder engine and exhaust system fully exposed, although short fenders cover the 19-inch wheels.

Some motorcycles combine a retro-inspired look with cutting-edge technological features from the automotive world, such as a touch screen; the leader does not have to be one of them. Runners are presented with an analog speedometer that includes a small information display, while the controls are refreshingly simple. Indian nevertheless installed a keyless ignition, cruise control and a system that allows users to select one of three driving modes called sport, standard or tour. Alternatively, the speedometer can be replaced with a screen connected to a smartphone that displays the kind of software you would expect to find in a modern car, complete with navigation and a variety of gauges.

Featured in the gallery above, the Chief Bobber is a mid-range model that gains bigger tires wrapped around 16-inch spoke wheels and a less clean look thanks to the fork and shock covers. Indian explained that the design is a tribute to the V-twin engine models that were cut and rocked by military veterans and rebellious blue-collar workers after WWII. Styling aside, the Bobber is mechanically and structurally identical to the Chief.

Finally, the Super Chief (pictured below) is a model suitable for road trips with saddlebags and a windshield – eating dragonflies gets old after a few miles. It is fitted with the larger Pirelli tires and wire wheels from the Bobber.

Whichever Chief you choose to drive, you’ll be riding an air-cooled V-twin engine with a displacement of 1.8 liters (111 cubic inches). It sends 108 pound-feet of torque to the rear wheel, so the Chief is certainly not slow, but Indian notes that all variants are accessible enough to suit a wide range of experience levels.

Those who want more power can choose one of the three premium models called Chief Dark Horse, Chief Bobber Dark Hose and Super Chief Limited respectively. They are fitted with a 1.9-liter (116 cubic-inch) twin that produces 120 pound-feet of torque. Specific design details further distinguish them from the bikes they are based on.

“We wanted to capture a timeless look that never goes out of style and that is gorgeous whether naked or fully dressed. Ultimately it’s a bike that evokes emotion with simple mechanical flair and American muscle. brut. It’s a pure rolling machine “, summarized up Ola Stenegard, director of industrial design of the company.

Deliveries of the 2022 Indian Chief will begin in April 2021. Pricing starts at $ 14,499 for the entry-level Chief, which is available in metallic black, smoky white, and smoky ruby. Next in the lineup is the Chief Bobber, which costs $ 15,999. Finally, the Super Chief has a base price of $ 18,999.

Indian points out that riders looking to customize their motorcycle will have a choice of over 80 factory-guaranteed accessories, including new look exhaust components, windshields, highway bars and a wholesale kit. bore which releases about 20% more power.

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