John Doran Chopper Sportster Lean Green


An urban legend among old bikers tell us green helicopters are bad luck (or bad taste, depending on who you ask). I never really believed it, and looking at that John Doran Rigid Helicopter, I don’t think he does either. If he had, I doubt he would have shed all that blood and sweat to do it.

Originally a 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster weighing 1,200cc, it can be said that it has undergone a bit of work. And you’d be technically wrong on that point.

There has been a lot of work.

Not so much to the engine; other than the air filter and hoses, this is still a Harley-Davidson mill. This frame, however, is where the stock takes a sharp turn towards custom. John searched for a long time and hunched over this chopper, with copious amounts of classic thrown into the mix. Not only did he kick a 45-degree rake in the neck, he also threw the shocks and turned the rear into a stiff like one would expect on an old chop in the 1970s. Doran him gave even more credibility when he mated one of the formidable front ends of Bill Holland’s long beam to said frame neck. At 9 inches in original length, this is one of the top attractions on this bike and sets the tone for the rest of the project. Like any big star, he has a supporting cast that makes any work of art shine. Check it out!

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