Knolly launches the Tyaughton Hardtail in titanium and steel




Introducing the Tyaughton: Our new 29 ‘hardtail is available in titanium or steel, can operate with a 150mm or 160mm fork, features advanced geometry, and incorporates an unmistakably high standard of construction with fully custom tubes. The Tyaughton is all you need for a super performance and fun hardtail trail bike.

The Tyaughton’s geometry was designed from the ground up – we’ve used our extensive knowledge of our full suspension line-up to ensure this bike rides as efficiently as our suspension models while still being incredibly balanced over all types of terrain. Although designed as a ‘all-terrain, do-it-all’ bike, the Tyaughton is extremely progressive and suitable for both big days in the saddle and chipping your local trails.

The Tyaughton features a 64.5 degree head angle with a 150mm fork (or a 64 degree head angle with a 160mm fork), making it capable of both technical climbs and descents. steep. The seat tube angle is ideally positioned at 75 degrees to provide an efficient climbing position while ensuring that the rider’s hands and knees are comfortable on epic days.

The front end of the bike is long to increase cockpit space and allow the rider to stretch. The base is modest at 427mm, combining stability and maneuverability. It’s long enough to give the bike optimal balance over its wheelbase, but short enough to pull you out of the way when you need to raise the front of the bike.

Taking what we’ve learned from our Cache gravel models, the Tyaughton was intended from the start to be offered in both titanium and premium air hardened steel. The main focus was performance and these are by far the two best materials to use to achieve that goal.
Tyaughton Steel frames use air hardened steel as it can be handled before welding and then heat treated to provide high strength and durability. Our steel frames are also coated with an ED coating to ensure maximum corrosion resistance and painted with heavy duty powder coatings for longevity. All of our steel pipes are butted so the walls are thicker where they are welded and thinner in the middle, reducing weight while ensuring that the ends of the pipes are incredibly strong. This model is designed to be affordable while performing at the highest possible level.
Tyaughton Titanium was created from a dream material. Titanium is light, stiff and durable, providing a premium ride for demanding riders. With additional features and significant weight savings, the Tyaughton Titanium is the ultimate expression of hardtail mountain bike performance.
The Tyaughton Steel features a frame size specific stamped, bent and formed tubing assembly that combines production level repeatability and precision with a handcrafted level.
It features a size-specific tubing set (small frames do not have the same tubing as the XL and vice versa) and incorporates many features of the titanium frame including integrated ISCG05 chain guide tabs and tubing of single direction.

The Tyaughton Titanium features a 100% exclusive Knolly oversized tube set with all frame tubes tapered, butted, bent and formed to the limits of the material. This allows Knolly to achieve a subtle Knolly-esque frame design with an emphasis on stability and compliance. This model also features a unique frame size specific tubing set to ensure riders of all sizes can get the maximum performance gain possible with this material. Large frames receive the larger diameter of tubing to complement taller riders, while small frames receive reduced diameter tubing sets to match the size and weight of the rider while providing corresponding compliance.

The steel and titanium frames have a unique head tube shape designed to maximize strength to support forks up to 170mm. Tubing assemblies flow through custom CNC machined legs, calipers and access ports (titanium only) to minimize strain elevators. Even the included ISCG mount fits neatly in a CNC machined pocket recessed into the base fork.

Titanium exclusives:
CNC engraved head tube
Complete telescopic seat post routing with an access hatch under the down tube
Brushed finish
Fully 3D formed seat tube (butted, tapered, bent and shaped)
Oversized tapered upper and lower tubes

Titanium and Steel:
157 Trail rear hub spacing
Custom head tubes
Exclusive and size specific main triangular tube sets.
Fully Integrated ISCG05 Guide Bar Brackets
BB threaded 73mm BSA
Rear 12 x 157 mm with DT Swiss RWS
CNC Knolly Dropouts
Knolly CNC base fork
Dropper insertion length: 175 Small, 175 – 210 mm Medium, Large and X-Large


The Tyaughton is available in two material options including titanium or steel, with the steel version available in Container Red or 510 Green. There are four sizes to choose from (small to extra-large) and several building kit options. Prices for complete bikes start at $ 3,599 USD for steel and $ 6,099 USD for titanium. Frame-only prices start at $ 1,099 for steel and $ 2,999 for titanium. Both models are available for purchase now from your local Knolly dealer or online at

Photo credit: Brayden Rastad
Riders: Ken Fung and Brendan Gauthier


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