Mondraker Play eMTBs for children are available in semi-rigid and full suspension versions



Monkdraker launches a complete series of electric bikes for children with the new Play range of semi-rigid and full suspension electric mountain bikes.

At the end of last year, Mondraker nearly killed the internet with news of the Grommy electric balance bike. E-bikes are polarizing at the best of times, but the idea that parents could buy a motorized balance bike for their children was too much for some reviewers, with people claiming such a bike would make children “lazy.” .

I disagree with these reviews and since buying a Grommy for my daughter I have found that she rides a pedal bike much more often than she does, alternating between the two but ultimately preferring the power of the pedals.

Mondraker Play 20

Mondraker has also stayed true to the idea of ​​e-bikes for children and for 2021 has expanded the range of e-MTB models suitable for younger people with the new Play series.

Mondraker Play electric bikes are available in 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch wheel sizes with hardtail and full suspension bikes covered. Much like the Mondraker bikes for adults, these Play and F-Play bikes have Forward geometry and maintain the classic Mondraker style.

Mondraker Play 26
Mondraker Play 26

All variants use an alloy frame that houses a built-in 250 Wh battery powering a Mahle e-Bikemotion hub motor for assistance. We don’t know much about this drive unit, but the e-Bikemotion X35 hub has been around for a while now and powered e-road bikes under 12kg.

Since the X35 is aimed at lighter bikes and has a much smaller battery than full power e-bikes, the system has a simple handlebar control to turn the engine on or off and toggle between assist modes. bright and walking. An easy-to-read LED light bar indicates mode selection and battery level.

Mondraker F-Play 26
Mondraker F-Play 26

Mondraker’s website lists the Mondraker Play 20, Play 24 and Play 26 with prices ranging from £ 1,999 to £ 2,399 and versions that include RockShox disc brakes and suspension forks. However, if your young rider is up for a full suspension bike, Mondraker also offers the F-Play in 24-inch or 26-inch wheel options with prices ranging from £ 2,799 to £ 3,199.

For more details on the Mondraker Play series, visit the Mondraker website or visit Silverfish which is the official UK distributor of Mondraker bikes.


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