New Harley-Davidson 300cc Sportster Steps Into Production



New Harley-Davidson 300cc Sportster Steps Into Production


  • Harley-Davidson SRV 300 will be based on QJ SV300
  • The nearly production-ready model of the QJ SV300 was recently spotted in China

Harley-Davidson has been in trouble for some time, which is why the iconic American motorcycle maker has shut down operations in many countries and is trying to consolidate its resources to focus on profitable markets. Amid this shift in strategy, Harley-Davidson’s partnership with Chinese group Qianjiang (Benelli’s parent company) remains unchanged. In case you forgot, the American company joined forces with the Chinese brand in 2019 to develop motorcycles with a displacement of less than 500 cm3. The first Harley-Davidson motorcycle resulting from this partnership will be a roadster. Apparently based on the Qianjiang (QJ) SV 300, the next smaller capacity HD bike comes close to production. We’re saying this because spy photos of the nearly production-ready model of the SV 300 have surfaced on the interweb. This suggests that even the variant for Harley-Davidson could go into production soon.

SV300 spyshot.png

As the new spy shots show, the SV300 is a mix of modern and classic design cues, but the Harley motorcycle based on it will sport some signature elements to further align it with other Harley-Davidson models. . The entry-level HD sportster will look like a muscular retro-sportsman with a round headlight flanked by sturdy forks, wide handlebars, a teardrop-shaped fuel tank and a bobber-style seat with an elongated rear fender. The blackened mechanical end caps also give the bike a sporty appeal.

HDsrv side.png

The next Harley-Davidson SRV 300 gets inverted forks, dual rear shocks, swingarm, front and rear disc brakes. Like recent HD bikes, even this one is likely to have a TFT dashboard with Bluetooth for smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation. The bike, in all likelihood, will be powered by a 300cc V-twin engine producing around 30 horsepower.


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