Personalized eye candy: a Ducati heart stuffed into a Bobber

What happens when you place a 618cc L-twin engine in a RIB made entirely of unique and personalized parts?

An “impractical” beauty of a project with the devil in the details – and apparently it’s a sight common to Australians at Machine1867.

“Machine1867 is a one-man operation”, quotes its website.

“Everything is created internally from raw materials, nothing is outsourced.

Sydney-based custom builder and Machine1867 owner Edi Buffon is a fan of constructions that push their limits – and this particular idea has apparently pushed all the right buttons.

“The objective was to reveal the potential of a Ducati engine in a rigid frame of traditional style” Edi said in a report on VéloExif.

“My last KTM bobber build was, by my definition, a conservative project. I decided to do what I love the most and do something over the top and impractical.

For Buffon, “over-the-top” means the heart of an early 2000s Ducati Monster 620, beautifully presented inside a custom chromoly frame and generously seasoned with motocross elements and a Triumph America.

A view of the new custom bobber from Machine1867's shop

“The 15 inch rear wheel is from a Triumph America and was originally intended for my personal Bonneville T100 project, but when I sat it on the bench and pulled back it looked awesome.” he says.

“I also have an old 21-inch drum-braked motocross wheel that I use for scale models, but that also looked like part, so I used it for the build.”

“With a wheelbase of 1500mm, I went for a 38 degree angle and started bending tubes. I know what works – now that I’ve built a few – so the framework was built quickly and easily. Then came all the details and the addition of functionality.

A view of the new custom bobber from Machine1867's shop

Where is the impracticality, you ask?

Aside from the obvious, let’s start with the right shifter and the footpegs directly welded to the frame and go from there.

Form decides to sync with function as we move to the peanut tank; half is a gas tank – the other half apparently houses the electronics.

The highlight of the construction? We go with the carburetor, since Ducati’s air intake is a legend and Buffon wanted to make his own version.

A view of the new custom bobber from Machine1867's shop

“I wanted to use a Weber carbohydrate for aesthetics”, Edi said, “And opted for a downdraft type. I made the intake manifolds out of mild steel and covered them with black ceramic to blend in with the engine.

While the end product is “not yet perfect”, the aesthetic is, in our opinion, perfect – and that’s the dream, isn’t it? To have access to a store where you can mess around with the best of them and be able to say “Ma, I did that” with pride.

A view of the new custom bobber from Machine1867's shop

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* All media are from VéloExif, with photographs by Ana Martini Photography *

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