Remembering the 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow

You’ll love the 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow if you like low seats. According to Motorcycle, the saddle of the bike is 26.8 inches off the tarmac, making it one of the bikes with the lowest seats ever. Due to its low saddle height, it is best for short people. For example, no one wants a motorcycle that won’t let them walk on the ground. Walking on the ground is important because that’s how the rider stops the bike. Although its low seat height sets it apart, other useful features of this bike make it one of the best. Here are the specifications of the 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow motorcycle.

Electric start

Before electric start, the only way to start motorcycles was with a kick start. Kick-starting involves starting a motorcycle by continuously depressing the ratchet lever with your foot. You need immense force to turn the lever. Eventually it was replaced with electric start due to the time it took to power the bike. In an electric start system, you start the motorcycle by pressing a button on the handlebars. The button is connected to that bike’s electrical system, which then spins the starter. So you don’t have to press the ratchet lever repeatedly. However, care should be taken when starting this motorcycle. According to It Still Runs, you need to hold it in a neutral position before you start it. If you don’t, you’ll suddenly tip over.

Dry sump lubrication

In this lubrication system, extra oil is stored in a reservoir near the engine rather than in the oil pan. There are two oil pumps in a dry sump; one that extracts oil from the crankcase and sends it to the reservoir and one that uses oil to lubricate the engine. Generally, the main role of this lubrication system is to ensure the presence of an oil reservoir. Therefore, this system is very advantageous. Since your engine is continuously pumped with oil, it will hardly suffer from oil starvation. As a result, your engine will hardly run out of oil, saving you endless trips to the gas station. In addition, the pumps are easy to replace because they are located outside the motorcycle. This means you won’t have to take the bike apart and replace an internal part. With an endless supply of oil, the engine stays lubricated. Therefore, the engine of this motorcycle will not experience any friction or stickiness. Friction and viscosity tend to slow a motorcycle down, which means you’ll have to use a lot of power to keep moving. Without friction or viscosity, this motorcycle can take off since it will develop high power.

Frame type

Have you ever seen a motorcycle with a twisted frame? If you did, its frame probably wasn’t steel. Fortunately, the frame of this motorcycle is made of steel; therefore, it can withstand any force. Steel is strong because it is an alloy of carbon and iron. So if you have a habit of dropping your bike, this is the bike you should consider using. In addition to its strength, it is also very resistant to rust. Most people hate rust because it makes the motorcycle look grotesque and old. However, rust does more damage than just making an object undesirable. This would gradually weaken the metal, and it would eventually crumble. Luckily, this bike’s frame can withstand the force and maintain its new look for years.

Cooling system

For a motor to keep running, it must be cooled. If not cooled, the motor will overheat and stop running. To prevent overheating, this motorcycle uses air to cool its motors. In order to trap air, the motorcycle has fins. They have a large surface area to trap as much air as possible. Since it relies only on air to cool the engine, maintenance or repair costs are less expensive as it involves few parts. According to How Stuff Works, an air-cooled engine doesn’t need a water pump, radiator, coolant, or hoses; unlike liquid-cooled engines. So you would mainly replace the fins. Since the motorcycle does not contain many parts, it is generally lighter than one that uses liquid-cooled engines. This means that the motorcycle will be light; therefore, you will be able to accelerate very quickly. In addition to speeding up, you will also be able to climb a hill with ease. If the bike was heavy, you would roll back.

Type of engine

This motorcycle uses a four-stroke engine. Such an engine cycles power through four processes. Since the engine consumes fuel in four stages, it is more advantageous than a two-stroke engine which only consumes fuel in two stages. For example, the four stroke engine is more fuel efficient since fuel is consumed every four strokes. Fuel is consumed after two strokes in a two-stroke engine, but there will still be fuel left. Rather than using the fuel, two-stroke engines release the remaining fuel into the atmosphere, resulting in wasted fuel. Two-stroke engines releasing fuel into the air are not only bad in terms of waste, but also in terms of environmental pollution. When they release waste fuel into the air, they also release carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide causes the greenhouse effect. The phenomenon occurs when the gas absorbs heat from the sun’s rays and prevents the reflection of the rays. As a result, heat levels escalate.


What is the problem that most bikers face? You’d be right if you said their bikes don’t take off as fast as they’d like. First, it starts with the ignition process. In motorcycles that use kick start to start, they take too long before they can move. This means that some could start their motorcycle for almost five minutes before taking off. Also, a motorcycle may not take off due to low power. With low power, you will not be able to overtake another vehicle. Fortunately, this motorcycle delivers high power thanks to its lubrication system. So if you need a bike that won’t let you down in terms of speed or acceleration, the 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Superlow is the bike for you.

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