Rider-owned Crossworx Cycles launches Zero 29 RIB



The German-made Crossworx Cycles Zero 29 semi-rigid promises fun handling and downhill prowess.

What is made in Germany, comes in a bunch of Chipps approved colors, and isn’t too long, low, or slack? Well, if you had read the title you would know that this is the Crossworx Cycles Zero 29 hardtail, an alloy bike made in Thuringia, Germany.

Crossworx Cycles is a brand owned by cyclists that offers a selection of full suspension and hardtail enduro frames. The Zero 29 is an update to the original Zero frameset and can now accept 29-inch wheels.

However, the frame updates don’t just focus on wheel size, Crossworx has ensured good overall balance while also increasing the frame’s lowering capabilities. The Zero 29 promises to offer more stiffness thanks to an updated fork design that also allows riders to use larger chainrings. We assume that this stiffness is meant to counter pedal force rather than a deliberate attempt to make this alloy hardtail less compliant.

Offered in 3 size options, M, L and XL, the Zero 29 sits nicely between the old school hardtail and the new school enduro whip with reach measurements sitting on the conservative side of the fence. Short seat tube lengths across the range ensure riders have room to increase or decrease in size, while a 78 degree seat tube is very trendy.

The frame is designed around a 140mm travel fork and the head angle is 64 degrees. Loose, steep and short is the specification they were aiming for, but it should allow for a fun ride and a respectable wheelbase for downhill stability.

Crossworx offers the Zero 29 in a total of 9 colors and as a complete bike or frame only. Prices for complete bikes start at € 2,929 with a Z2 and Sram GX Eagle fork while frame-only options start at € 979 depending on your color preference.

More details can be found on the Crossworx Cycles website.


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