Royal Enfield Classic 500 transformed into an exquisite Custom Bobber

Check out this gorgeous Royal Enfield Classic 500 bobber from Mumbai-based Maratha Motorcycles sporting a custom paint job and lots of other mods

Royal Enfield motorcycles are a popular choice for customization projects. They are very easy to modify, due to the simplistic architecture and strong aftermarket support available for them. On the internet there are lots of nice Royal Enfield motorcycles on display, and recently we came across another one.

Here we have a custom Royal Enfield Classic 500, built by Maratha Motorcycles. The bike has been transformed into a beautiful bobber, with many great design details. Up front we see a new LED headlight, along with a custom triple crown for the forks. We also see a new front fender here.

A custom handlebar was also installed here, along with new grips and bar end weights. A pair of tiny auxiliary lights have also been added to the handlebars, one under each lever. The fuel tank is also a custom unit and it was painted orange with black and gold highlights. The fuel tank cap has been finished with a matching gold paint.

Bobber RE Classic 500 Maratha Motorcycles img2

The side boxes and fenders (front and rear) are also painted in a similar orange shade, while the engine assembly has been blacked out, with some gold highlights. The single bobber-style saddle is well hollowed out, to firmly hold the rider while riding. The turn signals are now seamlessly integrated into the side housings which is a unique design element.

The aftermarket LED taillight is now mounted on the left swingarm, and below that the new heart-shaped license plate has been installed. We also see a custom straight pipe exhaust pipe, with a new decorative heat shield up front. Other than that, the bike features foot pegs, kick start lever, rear brake pedal and gear selector pedal in gold finish.

Bobber RE Classic 500 Maratha Motorcycles img3

RE Classic 500 was phased out in India in 2020 before BS6 emission standards came into force. Speculation that Royal Enfield plans to introduce a 650cc version of Classic has been circulating ever since, but that has yet to happen. That said, the manufacturer has plenty of new bikes in the works and we expect the RE Classic 650 to arrive in the near future.

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