Rusty Pistons Garage turns a Harley-Davidson Sportster into a cafe racer


Most personalization stores have a team of like-minded people ready to turn donor machines into something completely different. Meanwhile, a privileged few prefer to take on the task themselves. One of those brave souls is based in the Czech Republic and runs the Rusty Pistons garage. The latest project to come out of there is the cafe racer which isn’t afraid to have everything on full screen.

The workshop is located in the town of Chlumec and Cidlinou, which is just east of Prague in the Czech Republic. Among its population of around 5,000 is Martin Solar, the man behind Rusty Pistons Garage. Most of the work that goes into his projects such as this Harley-Davidson Sportster is mostly his hands.

The only tasks he outsource may be special painting jobs and CNC milling from time to time. Outside of his work on motorcycles. According to Solar, this particular build was inspired by a BST carbon fiber wheelset that hangs out right around his house. Instead of just letting them collect the dust, he tests his skills on his very first cafe racer.

These were originally for a Suzuki GSX-R1000, meaning that some fine-tuning was needed. After some CNC machining, everything was finally compatible with Harley-Davidson disc carriers, belt drive and axles. Additionally, this Rusty Pistons Garage cafe racer gets a pair of custom GoldFren brake rotors.

Aside from its other tweaks, the bold green metal flake coat adds to its attractive appearance. As for the 1200 cc engine of the Sportster, it remains in the original configuration. Plus, with minimal fairings, it’s fully on display for everyone to enjoy. Rusty Pistons Garage has a winner here.

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Images courtesy of Rusty Pistons Garage / Bike EXIF

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