Specialized says the new Epic is the lightest (production, hardtail) mountain bike on earth

All photos courtesy of Specialized.com.

Specialized just announced updates to the Epic hardtail, and it’s a weight weenie’s dream come true. This racy cross-country hardtail weighs 774g in size medium, but that’s not all Specialized wants you to know about the bike.

Looking at the geometry of the new Epic, Specialized slackened the head tube by more than a degree at 68.5°. The designers also reduced fork offset and increased reach for a longer, slacker bike. In their marketing materials, Specialized states that these changes were made in response to “harder” race courses and also to make the bike more comfortable.

The Epic’s silhouette has also been updated, with thinner seatstays and an arched seat tube. The seat tube change, along with a new layer of carbon fiber, would improve comfort and also increase tire clearance. Specialized touts the new Epic hardtail as “the most capable, comfortable and versatile in its class” and the ability to run wider tires could arguably check all three boxes.

Now about the weight. The new Epic loses 101g compared to the weight of the previous version, which itself was 200g lighter than the previous one. Specialized adds the caveat that this is the lightest production hardtail on dirt, but it’s not like there are a lot of custom frame builders working in carbon fiber to get weights that low. We’re also not sure if we’re qualifying the statement with the word hardtail; a full-suspension frame should clearly weigh more. Other than people modifying the stock carbon frames by removing bits, it’s safe to say this is probably the lightest yet.

The high-end S-Works Epic hardtail is priced at $9,520 with an AXS drivetrain. There is also an S-Works “Ultralight” version priced just under $9,020 and an XTR version at $8,520. More affordable versions and bare S-Works frames, and currently listed as “Coming Soon” on the specialized site.

Small Medium Big extra wide
CRANK LENGTH 170mm 175mm 175mm 175mm
ROD LENGTH 60mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
SEAT POST LENGTH 350mm 400mm 400mm 400mm
SADDLE WIDTH 155mm 143mm 143mm 143mm
HANDLEBAR WIDTH 760mm 760mm 760mm 760mm
REACH 405mm 430mm 455mm 480mm
UPPER TUBE LENGTH, HORIZONTAL 579mm 604mm 633mm 662mm
PILE 608mm 608mm 622mm 636mm
WHEELBASE 1090mm 1115mm 1146mm 1176mm
BASE LENGTH 430mm 430mm 430mm 430mm
FRONT CENTER 668mm 693mm 723mm 753mm
BB DROP 63mm 63mm 63mm 63mm
BB HEIGHT 309mm 309mm 309mm 309mm
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74° 74° 74° 74°
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 68.5° 68.5° 68.5° 68.5°
SEAT TUBE LENGTH 400mm 430mm 470mm 520mm
HEAD TUBE LENGTH 95mm 95mm 110mm 125mm
BIKE STANDBY HEIGHT 762mm 792mm 816mm 847mm
RAKE/OFFSET FORK 42mm 42mm 42mm 42mm
FORK LENGTH, FULL 506mm 506mm 506mm 506mm
TRACK 101mm 101mm 101mm 101mm

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