Sportster S brakes launched by Brembo

Source: Brembo announcement

STEZZANO, Italy – Brembo has introduced a new braking system designed for the Sportster S, the ancestor of the new power cruisers recently launched by Harley-Davidson.

The new Brembo components reflect the characteristics of Brembo braking systems: performance, lightness and style.

The 4-piston monobloc radial front caliper (32 mm) has a unique design and a strong personality. Its shape combines sharp edges with softer curves to create a style that matches the personality of the bike.

This silhouette was developed through the use of topological optimization software – which optimizes caliper stiffness while minimizing weight – and the know-how that Brembo has accumulated over nearly 50 years of success in MotoGP.

The result is a new geometry that takes full advantage of the characteristics of the material. During the design phase of the Sportster S caliper, Brembo was also able to improve the ventilation channels, thereby increasing cooling.

These features, combined with the radial brake master cylinder (diameter 15 mm) with pre-applied reservoir and the layout of the reservoir connections optimized to facilitate self-bleeding, are the result of Brembo’s racing experience and ensure consistent performance in all situations.

Also new on the master cylinder are the extremely compact signal micro switches and low end play rubber axial dust boot. Lever response is immediate with adjustable deceleration in all riding conditions.

The design of this radial master cylinder takes up all the stylistic elements already adopted for the products of the RCS Corsa Corta family, to further emphasize the race-derived character of this new component.

At the rear is the all-new brake caliper, whose brake pads have a larger braking surface and volume to increase their lifespan and the braking efficiency of the system. The service for pad changes is also facilitated by the presence of the double mounting pin.

A 320 mm diameter front brake disc and a rear master cylinder with retained tappet complete the braking system.

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