T-Lab enters the MTB market with the Titanium Phenom Hardtail



Press release: T-Lab

T-Lab, the progressive titanium manufacturer based in Montreal, is pleased to announce the market launch of the Phenom, its very first model of mountain bike.

“We made a name for ourselves with our X3 gravel bike, but our roots are actually pretty deep on the mountain bike side,” said Rob Rossi, co-founder of T-Lab. “With the Phenom, we didn’t just want to take out an ATV. We wanted to set a new standard for titanium hardtail.

Based on an exclusive cold working method that allows for a drastically shaped titanium profile – without compromising the inherent properties of Ti – the Phenom pushes the boundaries in stiffness-weight-durability. With a mid-size frame weighing 1800g, it compares favorably with high-end carbon hardtails on the performance side, while still offering the superior toughness and corrosion resistance of titanium.

T-Lab’s commitment to forward-thinking design is exemplified by the Phenom’s unique Versa-T leg, which was developed and produced in-house. “The dropout has been designed to fully adapt to your riding style,” said Félix Fontaine Larouche, Lead MTB Designer at T-Lab. “It allows two BB drop settings, for 27.5” and 29 “wheels, and length adjustment from 411mm to 438mm. The Phenom can also be installed in a single speed configuration.

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Like all T-Lab bikes, the Phenom is completely made to order and customized to the rider’s specifications. The company is able to return frames or complete bike orders in 4-6 weeks and offers a lifetime warranty on their frames. A set of Phenom frames costs $ 3,500, with complete bikes starting at $ 4,900 accessible.

The official launch of the Phenom was originally scheduled for NAHBS 2020, which has been postponed due to the COVID-19 crisis. T-Lab was also working on a lightweight launch video, filmed on snowy trails in Montreal, when the crisis erupted. “We wanted to give some insight into where we’re coming from, as well as the fun we have in developing bikes,” Rossi said. “Obviously, we understand the context we all find ourselves in right now and endorse the Safe Ride Directive to support healthcare workers around the world. ”

The T-Lab Phenom will be available to order from April 2, 2020 (via t-lab-bikes.com).


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