The 1992 WWE Royal Rumble and 9 other old-school WWE classics that still hold up today

For wrestling fans these days, who are used to uninterrupted, fast-paced action, watching some of the older matches that are often referred to as classics can be a bit overwhelming. That’s exactly what happened to the generation that grew up on Hulkamania trying to watch a Bruno Sammartino game. Nostalgia makes rosy pasts.

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However, some of these matches that are talked about as the fabric of WWE don’t just hold up, but are timeless due to their ability to be as good as anything airing today.

ten The 1992 Royal Rumble

Every year the Royal Rumble rolls and every year Ric Flair’s victory at the 1992 Royal Rumble is cited as the greatest Rumble of all time. The entire game was an endless parade of top guys, all now considered legends, Hall of Famers, or both.

It was also the first Rumble that had stakes (the vacant WWE Championship was on the line), and thanks to those stakes, an intriguing story was told for over an hour.

9 Randy Savage’s WrestleMania Run (3-8)

Shawn Michaels may have made the moniker famous, but The Macho Man was unofficially the very first Mr. WrestleMania. After stealing WrestleMania 3 with Steamboat, Savage went on to have four major matches before being crowned WWE Champion a year later.

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He then carried Hogan to perhaps his strongest match in WrestleMania’s early years, then competed in a fun first-ever mixed tag match. But his two biggest matches came back to back at WrestleManias 7 and 8 against Warrior and Flair respectively; and each of those matches were instant classics.


8 Bret Hart vs. Rowdy Roddy Piper – Wrestlemania 8

Sadly, nowadays, the Intercontinental title doesn’t get as much love and adoration as it once did. Thanks to guys like Savage, Michaels, Perfect, and even latter-day champions like Ziggler and Miz helped establish the title as the best pure wrestling title in the business.

Famous for his wild brawling and big mouth, no one thought defending IC champion Roddy Piper was going to be able to hang on to the technical prowess of challenger Bret Hart. However, at WrestleMania 8, the two had one of the most compelling technical marvels and stories a fan could ever hope to see.

seven Triple H vs. Cactus Jack – Royal Rumble 2000

Although a bit newer on this list, there aren’t too many title matches that have taken place at the Royal Rumble that have shone the Rumble match itself. Triple H and Cactus Jack have always had wild battles whenever they collided.

The NYC Street Fight between the two rivals did their best to clear for the WWE Title and Cactus Jack came on moments after winning the World Title in his hometown at the world’s most famous arena. But even with a leg spilling blood, The Game nailed a Pedigree on thumbtacks to retain the title.

6 Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon – WrestleMania 10

Almost 30 years later, and plenty of car crashes later, you’d think someone would have topped the WrestleMania 10 Ladder Match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. Yes, there may have been more ladder matches with more memorable spots, but this fight really built drama from start to finish.

When it comes to ring psychology in a Ladder Match, the two worked together with the goal of climbing the ladder to get the title, as opposed to an endless stunt match. Besides TLCII, this is the match wrestlers cite as one of their favorites.

5 Mr. Perfect Vs. Ric Flair – Raw 01/25/1993

Not even a month and Monday Night Raw had its first marquee match – Ric Flair Vs. Mr. Perfect in a Loser Leaves Town match.

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The two Minnesota boys and mat legends locked their horns after a few months of trying to go after each other’s throats. With Flair wanting to return to WCW, it only made sense for Flair to give Perfect the accolades by stepping out on Perfect’s comeback run.

4 Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff – Saturday Night Main Event – 03/01/1987

Yes, you read that right, Hulk Hogan of all people is on this list. But that’s because his steel cage match against Paul Orndorff is an early WWE classic.

The two fought in an old school contest and the ending is still praised. The two ran to opposite ends of the cage to have a big photo-finish.

3 sergeant. Slaughter Vs. Pat Patterson – Alley Fight MSG – 5/14/1981

Two true WWE legends had a spilled and dragged bloody feud long before hardcore wrestling was either the end or the norm. Pat Patterson and Staff Sgt. Slaughter bled a bucket or two in an MSG Alley Fight.

Both men did just about everything you were allowed to do at the time, including Patterson taking off his boot to pummel the maniacal drill instructor even more.

2 The Brain Busters Vs. Demolition – Saturday Night Main Event – 7/18/1989

Some fans might have thought Demolition was a rip-off of The Road Warriors, but beyond the paint and the look, the Demos got to actually work in the ring. They just didn’t have much of a chance to show it, until they ran into Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard.

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The two teams faced off in a two out of three falls match in Saturday night’s Main Event for the tag team titles. With the help of Andre The Giant, The Brain Busters were able to do what no team had done in over a year – defeat the Monster Team for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

1 Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin – WrestleMania 13

With WWE on the precipice of The Attitude Era, the whole of society was thrown into upheaval ahead of WrestleMania 13 and badly needed a sleeper match to make the show memorable. Not only did the WWE Universe get it, but they also got one of the authentic classic matches of all time.

Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin not only tore each other apart, but they pulled off an epic double turn that made Austin’s newest and greatest babyface and Bret a vile, mean anti-American heel.

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