The great wizard and 7 other old-fashioned wrestling managers you forgot about

When it comes to wrestling managers, fans often go to specific people. Whether it’s Paul Heyman, Jim Cornette or Lana, some names have become memorable. For some, it’s because they are legendary names, and for others, it’s because they are modern names that people remember instantly.

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However, there are also tons of old school managers that people have forgotten about. In the past, a lot of wrestlers had managers, and this was common in sport. Although not so popular anymore, many brilliant managers of the past have been forgotten and deserve more credit.

8 The great wizard

Pat Patterson and the great wizard

The Great Wizard is someone that a lot of people don’t talk about often, but he was a fantastic old school wrestling manager. He was someone who knew how to get public reaction, and he is best remembered for his time working with Pat Patterson.

However, he also had a great history with Bob Backlund, as The Grand Magician made it his mission to get revenge on him after defeating superstar Billy Graham. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1995, showing how much respected he is in the industry.

seven Long Teddy

Teddy Long and Sgt.  Promotional photo of Craig Pittman.

Teddy Long is a name wrestling fans are familiar with due to his legendary career as the CEO of SmackDown. However, what a lot of fans don’t know is the fact that he was a manager before that, and before he was a referee for WWE.

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Teddy spent many years working as a manager, a role he played brilliantly. Teddy spent time with The Undertaker before joining WWE, while also working with many other talents.


6 Layer

Slick pointing to the ring

Slick was a charismatic talent who was perfect in the role of manager during his time in wrestling. However, he’s not someone fans talk about often on a regular basis, which is a shame as he deserves a lot more credit for his work.

Slick has handled a variety of talent from The Iron Sheik to Akeem and The Big Boss Man. He always interested fans in what he did, and outside of the ring he was always active, which made the matches even more exciting.

5 Joel gertner

Joel Gertner cropped

Joel Gertner is someone fans don’t remember either, but he was a great old school manager who knew how to spark a reaction. He is best known for his work with ECW where he was involved with The Dudley Boyz.

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He took the name Dudley himself, as did many people involved in the group. Joel became Studley Dudley, and he brought a lot of warmth to the band at times. He had no problem cutting promotions to get the response they wanted, adding a lot to their gimmick.

4 Clarence mason

clarence mason wwe

Clarence Mason is another talent that people don’t remember as much, but he was effective in the wrestling world. He has pushed different wrestlers to their limits, which every good manager should do.

Whether working with Harlem Heat or Farooq, Clarence Mason has put his talents to the fore. He would make sure they were the stars, while also showcasing his personality, which is why he was so effective in his role.

3 General Adnan

General Adnan

When it comes to winning the heat of a crowd, few managers have done it better than General Adnan. Everything he did made fans hate him, and it’s something that deserves a lot more credit, because only the best managers can do it.

Adnan was able to take an audience to a different level, but he’s not being talked about among the greats which is a shame because it’s something he deserves. There should be a great legacy for him, and that’s something he needs to develop.

2 Paul Ellering

Paul Ellering cropped

Paul Ellering was a crucial part of the Road Warriors, taking them to a new level as a tag team. Despite being one of the best duos in wrestling history, Ellering has always been forgotten. It was clear when he returned to work with AOP.

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A lot of fans didn’t remember him, which he shouldn’t have been. He also did a great job with them. However, because he couldn’t stay with them on the main roster, Ellering ended up being overlooked by modern fans again.

1 Harvey wippleman

Harvey Wippleman cropped

Harvey Wippleman was a natural manager who could easily get answers from a crowd. His most memorable partnership came with Sid Vicious, who he was able to make the most of. However, he also worked with Kamala and then Giant Gonzalez against The Undertaker.

Harvey has managed to frustrate WWE fans, which any good heel manager should be able to do. He deserves more credit than he gets, especially for his mic work, as he was able to put on brilliant promos.

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