The new Harley-Davidson Sportster S: style and substance



The good news is that buyers’ remorse is unlikely to keep you from sleeping at night for any chosen reason. First, it has all the amenities you will ever need on the spec sheet as standard. Turn-by-turn satellite navigation on a TFT screen, customizable driving modes, smartphone integrations, auto-cancel indicators, cruise control and more will keep you geared up and entertained appropriately, whether you are out for a Sunday night or making your way through. city. Second, it’s a bike to go to the garage just to look at, because the more you do it, the more subtle details will make sense of you and fall in love. Third, because everything is fine and much less of a show, this isn’t a bike that everyone is going to think you’re a jerk to ride.

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On that note, previous Sportsters didn’t have much to complain about in the performance stakes, but, boy, has that changed now. As a reminder, the Sportster S develops 95 Nm and 121 hp, figures that no other Sportster has ever been able to approach from a distance. Step on the accelerator in Sport mode and you’ll know it, just like your license. These 121 horses are not made of old-fashioned brute force, but rather of refined modern technology. Turns out the Revolution Max 1250 T engine is a very smart box of tricks that contains hydraulic valve lifters, more balancers than you can shake, liquid cooling, infinitely variable valve timing, and a cap. high speed of 9500 rpm. The result isn’t idle jerks, a gearbox that doesn’t break the seismographs every time a new gear is put on and not even a lot of noise either. In some ways a lot of the theater and the feel is gone and that’s a lot of what made the Harleys unique, but just look at what you get by doing this trade: an engine that’s utterly epic. .

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