The Next Revolution Max Harley-Davidson Sportster will be announced on April 12

Harley-Davidson will announce its next Revolution Max engine Sportster model April 12. The Motor Company released a short, music-themed teaser video called “Instrument of Expression,” to promote the announcement and offer some tantalizing glimpses of the new model.

Harley-Davidson previously teased the next Sportster model in Julyrevealing a design with more traditional styling than the Sportster S. A low-light photo of the entire bike at around 12 seconds reveals a motorcycle that looks similar to the photos Harley-Davidson sent in a poll to select people, with details similar like engine, fuel tank and seven-spoke wheels.

Future Harley-Davidson Sportster

The sign-up page on Harley-Davidson’s website for updates on the new Sportster offers another look, this time revealing a headlight fairing and another look at the front that also matches what we have. seen in the survey footage. There is also a telescopic fork and a rear shock absorber mounted just behind the saddle, probably with a second shock absorber on the left side. This suggests the new model will have more typical cruiser performance than the Sportster S which uses an inverted fork and monoshock.

UPDATE: Harley-Davidson has posted more photos of the upcoming Sportster on Instagram, featuring a better look at the silhouette, a frontal shot and a glimpse of a circular dashboard.

The title of the video, “Instrument of Expression,” alludes to the upcoming Sportster being a customization platform, and we see a bit of that in the video. In the screenshot below, we can make out the rear cylinder exhaust pipe angled down and back, like the pipes in the survey images.

Elsewhere in the video we see someone working on a different exhaust design that has the rear cylinder pipe going forward and then curved around the crankcase. Unless Harley-Davidson has two different models slated for April 12, we’re likely looking at an example of a custom version of the next Sportster.

The Sportster S is powered by the Revolution Max 1250T engine, but it’s not yet clear if the next model will have the same 1252cc displacement. When the Revolution Max engine was first announced, Harley-Davidson indicated that it would be offered in several displacements, from 500cc to 1250cc.

We suspect the new model will use a 975cc version of the engine, the size originally intended for the Bronx street fighter. This would give Harley-Davidson two displacements similar to the 883cc and 1200cc displacements of the air-cooled Sportster line. It also gives Harley-Davidson a must-have new model in the sub-1000cc range, and one with an MSRP less than the $15,499 Sportster S, to compete with models like the Indian scout.

What we don’t know yet is what the next Sportster will be called. Over the past few years, Harley-Davidson has filed two names that could be potential candidates: Nightster and 48X. Both names have ties to previous Sportster models and may be appropriate for this new model.

We’ll know more in a few weeks, when the next Harley-Davidson Sportster will be unveiled on April 12.

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