This Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster Is Perfect For Halloween

It’s called the Harley-Davidson Spider by its makers

Halloween is a great way to spend some quality (read fun) time with your family, but it’s not particularly known for being fun for bikers. After all, who in their right mind would turn their motorcycles into something scary, right? Well, Germany Bundernbike} has.

Called Spider, the custom motorcycle is a Harley-Davidson Roadster 1200 wrapped in a spooky livery alongside a number of notable changes}, making it a standout project. We’ll take a look.

Harley-Davidson Roadster 1200 “Spider” by Bundnerbike

According to its creator, the idea here was to make an underappreciated insect – the spider – likable by infusing it with the globally popular Harley-Davidson Sportster. Based on this, the first notable aspect of the Harley Spider is its livery. The boutique opted for a sinister dark gray base coat in a matte finish paired with custom candy green wheels for a standout contrast. In the lead there are several graphs – cobwebs, skulls and the text Harley in a Halloween font – which adds a bit of dread to the package.


More serious upgrades, however, came elsewhere. The bike maker cut out the rear subframe and replaced the stock tail with a flat, track-like unit. Likewise, you sit on a custom leather saddle while resting your hands and feet on taller aftermarket handlebars and knurled footpegs, respectively.

The Sportster’s 1,202cc twin-cylinder engine remains as is on the inside, but sports a gray finish on the outside. You also get a custom rope-wrapped exhaust system and an air filter swap to enhance the aural experience. Meanwhile, the suspension and brakes appear identical to the OEM units, as does the analog instrument cluster.

Can you buy it?

Unfortunately, the Harley-Davidson Spider is not up for grabs and we believe it was a private project. However, there are other custom Harleys for sale at Bundnerbike that you can check out. Or you can also contact the bike manufacturer and get a quote for a similar build, in case you already have something in mind.

Images: Bundnerbike


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