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Harley davidson emerged with a humble start as a business in 1903. With strong and recognizable imagery, the business characterized “American motorcycles,” and the Harley Bobber brand produces a large number of rides around the world. Harley-Davidson is a great motorcycle manufacturer with a long and prestigious history.

Today we’re going to take a look at our favorite Harley-Davidson Bobber, the Street Bob 114.

The 2021 Street Bob 114



Harley-Davidson has built several bobbers like the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, Street Bob, Iron Bobber, etc. Our favorite Harley-Davidson, however, is the 2021 Street Bob 114. It’s a great build base for customization. The 2021 Street Bob 114 reached the top in no time.

However, the 2021 Street Bob preserves the fundamentals of softail. It is also developing alternatives for passenger seats, badges and paint. The strictly climbed eight-valve Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine is intact, with dual counterweights helping to cancel primary vibrations when idle and a camshaft keeping mechanical noise to a minimum. But Harley goes on to believe that using a bigger engine will lead to a better power-to-weight ratio and more stimulating spin on the new ride. Now let’s take a more detailed look at the ride.

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The design of the Street Bob 114 from 2021

Harley Davidson Street Bob 114 2021

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The ride has signature LED lighting with a chopped and cut style. It also comes with the usual Classic Number One fuel tank logo. Chrome laces and blackout edges guide the overall look well in the custom province. Both fenders arrive sharply angled to dip in any extra weight, but that’s certainly the custom vibe it enhances, a vibe enhanced by blackout fork sliders, an LED headlight housing, triple clamp, and a mini-ape handlebars. The personalized, monochrome treatment at the front is complemented by bullet turn signal housings and mirror gaiters.

The geometry of the softail frame stays well with the dated details, although in profile, the solo seat and teardrop-shaped fuel tank don’t quite match, and the separate passenger pad looks like an addition for yet more flavor. more personalized. No stone was overlooked when the custom touches were decided upon; even the exhaust skin has undergone custom performance modifications.

The offset shotgun exhaust is covered from the exhaust port in the heads to the top of the silencer by an exhaust shield which is both designed for weight loss and painted in blackout color for a final custom item.

The bike is 91.3 ” long with a seat height of 25.8 ”. It has 4.9 “ground clearance and a 30” lean. The trail is 6.2 “, while the wheelbase is 64.2”; its fuel capacity is 3.5 gallons and it has an oil capacity of 5 quarts.

It weighs 634 lbs when shipped, but the weight of pending orders is 659 lbs. Speedometer, range, gear, fuel level, engine diagnostics, clock, turn signals, trip indicator and tachometer, high beam, neutral, odometer, low oil pressure, ABS (if applicable), safety, low battery voltage and low fuel level are all visible on the LCD board.

The wheels are in gloss black and steel with a front dimension of 2.5 inches (64 mm) x 19 inches (483 mm) and a rear dimension of 3 inches (76 mm) x 16 inches (406 mm).

Engine From 2021 Street Bob 114



The Street Bob’s engine comes from the heart of the Milwaukee-Eight production lineup at 114 cu-in. The bores were drilled to 102mm and the stroke was extended to 114mm to compensate for a total displacement of 1,868cc with a slightly spicier 10.5 to 1 compression ratio that should withstand medium grade fuel without problem.

The outer push rods actuate the four-valve crowns with self-changing hydraulic valve lifters that provide a low-maintenance system. Since the factory switched from the dual-cam engine to the single-cam Milwaukee-Eight, the nose area has been reverted to the more or less classic shape to convey the right side of the Mil-8; a more user-friendly look for longtime brand lovers.

Installation control falls to an EFI throttle body that mounts an exposed element air filter to enhance the performance of the Street Bob. As far as emissions are concerned, the 2 into 2 offset shotgun exhaust sport catalysts burn all available hydrocarbons and give rise to exhaust vapor.

While this motor releases more growls than the 107 with 119 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpm, the top speed is regulated to around 110 mph to make this bike a bike capable of accelerating faster than the old, but not faster over a longer period. distance. A chain main drive transmits power from the engine to the six-speed transmission, and a low-maintenance, carbon-reinforced silent belt drives power to the outer wheel.

The Street Bob 114 2021: Chassis



The frame is a mild steel tubular frame with a rectangular backbone, perforated, lifted and forged junctions. Mild tubular steel welded components include the dual down tube / double cradle frame which fully assists the engine and protects the crankcase floor as well as the exhaust from curb impact. At 30 ° from vertical the front edge has a noticeable incline, but the 6.2 inch trail isn’t as obvious so this bike is quite the opposite of squirrely, also at high speed.

Harley-Davidson progressions range from Dunlop to the chassis rolling in a big 100 / 90-19 ahead of a larger 150 / 80-16, both with the white walls turned inward. The slim XL-style front forks aren’t adjustable, but are the second best thing with Showa’s Dual Bending Valve technology that delivers an on-demand wetting effect for a smoother ride than you’d get with high-end forks. plain vanilla.

A solo shock absorber under the seat helps the rear, and it comes with the mandatory spring preload adjustment so you can pay off the change in cargo / passenger load – suspension travel measurements at 5.1 inches and 3, 4 inches in the front and back, respectively.

At 659 lbs wet, the single front brake is enough to get the job done with its 300mm disc, four-piston caliper, outback, 292mm disc, and two-piston anchor to secure you from behind. ABS is available as an option.

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Why we love the Harley-Davidson Bobber


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2021 color packs start out like most HD models, in a Vivid Black base for $ 14,999. The bike’s starting price is affordable $ 14,999.

The details of this bike have proven just how amazing it is and why it is our favorite. The exhilaration of riding this bike is intriguing, and you won’t want to miss it for the world.

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