Triumph Bonneville Bobber Price: Triumph Motorcycles brings a new Bonneville Bobber to India at Rs 11.75 lakh


NEW DELHI: British premium motorcycle brand Triumph Motorcycles announced on Tuesday that it had launched the updated version of Bonneville Bobber in India at a price of Rs 11.75 lakh (ex-showroom). The 2021 Bonneville Bobber comes with improved engine performance, technology and equipment.

“The Triumph Bobber has always had a demand among Indian customers and for this reason we have decided to bring back the Bobber after a one year gap. The 2021 Bobber features new updates, with the blackened finish giving the motorcycle more astonishing appeal, “Shoeb Farooq, company manager of Triumph Motorcycles India, said in a statement.

With the launch of the Bobber, the company’s classic line-up now boasts nine motorcycles including three special editions which by far constitute the largest modern classic portfolio offered by a high-end manufacturer in the country offering motorcycles from 900 cc to a 1,200 cc platform, he added.

The new Bobber is fitted with Triumph’s latest generation Bonneville 1200 cc engine which generates a maximum power of 78 hp.

The 2021 Bobber also exceeds EURO 5 requirements, delivering lower emissions than the previous generation and improved fuel economy, the company noted.

Driving distance is also improved by the new, larger 12-liter fuel tank that provides up to 33% more range, he added.

BatPod, Hell Cycle & Moto-Terminator: monstrous motorcycles from movies that will blow your mind

Power and torque

Usually the cyclist defines a bicycle. But these movie superbikes stretch our imaginations from the conventional to the unreal and beyond.


This monstrous two-wheeler stands out for its unconventional architecture. It requires it to be flown partly in a “Superman position” and steered by the shoulders instead of the hands. Directed in the movie The Dark Knight (2008), it was conceptualized by Nathan Crowley, who also created the Batmobile. The bike has 20 inch front and rear tires, and the motors are in the wheel hubs. Crowley never revealed the power of his engine.

Hell cycle

The Devil’s Motorcycle Bounty Hunter in Ghost Rider (2007) rides one that doesn’t follow the natural laws of physics. It has no suspensions, is fueled by hellfire, and cannot be destroyed by any means. The Hell Cycle can move at incredible speeds, climb vertical surfaces, fly over water, and is sometimes able to fly. The wheels are constantly on fire, leaving a mark along the road when traveling.


The Moto-Terminators from Terminator Salvation (2009) are automated motorcycles, produced by Skynet before 2018, whose primary purpose is to hunt down humans. They have red optical sensors and plasma emitters on their sides. Motorcycles are nimble, with sensors calculating debris or obstacles ahead, visualizing them even at idle. With this trait, they can avoid any obstacle even at high speed.

Gladius Jet-Bike

The legendary warrior of the Priest (2011) travels the dystopian world in his Gladius jet-bike in search of vampires. What is striking, apart from the huge turbine at the front, is its elongated length and low ride height. It uses a drag-type swingarm to lengthen the wheelbase by seven feet.

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