Video: Hooning Hardtail with the Nukeproof Hooligan Squad



Dec 18 2019

through James smurthwaite

A typical UK winter can put a lot of strain on your driving. But change your attitude slightly and it can be a lot of fun. Put the enduro bike away and go back to simpler times, the humble hardtail (okay, these guys were packing some serious rad spec on their bikes, but let’s stay in the illusion).

Has there been a better time to own a mountain bike? More amazing trails than ever, awesome driving scenes and it’s hard to buy a bad bike too. In recent years, Nukeproof has seen a resurgence in Scouting, so much so that every year it gets a little wilder. Whether it’s the love of a winter hardtail for its simplicity and ease of maintenance or just the fact that it’s a riot to drive, the emergence of the Hardcore Hardtail offers riders some golden moments in less than golden climates. What is a “hard hardtail” I hear keyboard folks asking? Well, it’s a hardtail, just a little softer than your average XC / trail build, with a playful mix of geometry to lure you into a sense of security that’s anything but secure. Scouting is all about having fun, becoming “smart” and giving yourself the confidence to push your limits (and even slightly beyond… Lil Robbo).

To celebrate the launch of Scout 2020, we gathered an elite team and went Scoutin ‘About, for Part 2.



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