Why turn a Sportster into a Scrambler? Why not?



For most young guys, scoring a clean, mostly stock 2006 Sportster for $ 3,000 would be enough. This is not the case for Kase Van Rees. He wanted to do it Something completely his own. We can’t help but respect that.

Van Rees bought the Sportster with the money he saved by delivering pizza. Oone of the reasons why he opted for the 2006 rather than something newer is because it was last year the Sportster was carbureted. He prefers to modify their own bikes and make their own rips, but admits he does not do know a lot about the ECU setting. HWe wanted a mechanical fuel system that he could tune himself, even if he did get him into trouble weeling altitude.

When he bought it, the bike was mostly original with the exception of a set of secondary market Vance & Hines pipes. While he loves the rumble of the American-made V-Twin, he admits that the free-flowing pipes are a bit loud for his liking. The 1200 was in great condition when it got it except for a few leaking fork seals. While he was rebuilding them he was painting the stockings black.

One of the first Major the modifications made to the bike by Van Rees abandoned the original tank in favor of a tank of an old Honda CB750 which he spray painted blue in his driveway. This adjusts surprisingly good with the cafe racer style seat he bought for $ 150. To install the seat, he had to weld brackets to the frame. While there he added a hoop to the back of the frame. Without the rear wing for to attach rear lights and license plate To, it mounted LED strip on the hoop and side mount license plate holderuh.

Van Rees admits the Sportster is a bit heavy for a jammer, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him. He blackened the pipes, then wrapped them with heating tape. Next, he added a 19 inch front wheel, flipped the front fender over and scratched both tires with Pirelli MT60s. Finally, he added a Biltwell Moto Bar to complete the look.

The Gnarly-Davidson – Van Rees’ name for the project – still has a long way to go before he’s where he wants to be. It’s very good for Van Rees. He can’t wait To several more days in the garage to perfect his masterpiece.


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